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Karuthamma Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Karuthamma is a Tamil dubbed serial which illustrates the female infanticide happening in the village of the northern part of India. This serial is broadcasted by Raj Television Network. Meghna Malik Meghna Malik is an Indian television and film actr >> Read More... plays the lead role in this series.

This village is ruled by a cruel woman and her sons. Her sons act like agendas in the village and takes the whole area under control. The cruel lady and his sons do not allow a single girl child to be left alive in the village with a male chauvinist mood. People in the village are afraid of this activity and could not get rid of this situation as there is no police station available in the village. All the rules are made at the village Panchayat which is again under the control of this group.

In this situation, comes her new daughter-in-law who is well educated and against female infanticide. There starts the story and goes into a full speed where the daughter-in-law fights against her own in-laws with the help of village people. For this, she had to face a lot of struggles and fight for her life where the mother-in-law is against her with each step she takes.

This serial is being loved by many of the woman audiences as the story speaks itself of the nature.


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DOB: 8 July 1966
Shanti Priya Tamil TV-Actress
DOB: 22 September 1969
Shanti Priya
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