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Sindhu Bhairavi Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv

Sindhu Bhairavi currently airs on Raj TV; it is directed by Ketan Dubey, with Rashmi Desai and Tina Dutta in lead roles. Sindhu Bhairavi is the Tamil dubbed version of popular Hindi daily serial “Uttaran” which airs on Colors TV. Sindhu Bhairavi has crossed over 1000 episodes and it is one of famous serials in Tamil Nadu with house-wives and older aged women as its prime viewers. It is famous in YouTube also with average views per episode of 30, 000 plus in the Raj TV’s official YouTube Channel. Sindhu Bhairavi narrates the story of two people, Sindhu and Bhairavi, who are born and raised in a different society. Bhairavi is born in a wealthy family, and Sindhu is the daughter of a servant who works in Bhairavi’s house.

Sindhu wears the old clothes of Bhairavi; her broken, old, thrown-away toys are the new toys for Sindhu! Despite their status, Sindhu and Bhairavi become close friends from childhood. Bhairavi’s family is also attached to Sindhu as she is very loyal to the family. Their true friendship comes to an end in their adulthood, when Veer, Bhairavi’s boyfriend bagun to like Sindhu. He likes her for her innocence. The story revolves around how Bhairavi, with help of her mother’s aunt, disparages Sindhu and how Sindhu tackles the problems without abruptly breaking the relationship with the family. Sindhu Bhairavi currently airs on RAJ TV, between 7:00 to 7:30 PM evening on weekdays.

Another version of this story...

Sindhu Bhairavi is originally a Hindi serial called Uttaran dubbed in Tamil. It is telecasted in Raj TV on weekdays from 1:30 to 2:00 PM.. It is a friendship melodrama revolving around two childhood friends Sindhu and Bhairavi. Raised in extremely opposite lifestyles, Sindhu and Bhairavi become friends forever. Bhairavi is the daughter of a rich man who owns a very large land. She is pampered with love and caring of her family members and the servants. Though she doesn’t turn out as a rich spoilt brat, she has the attitude of a kid born with silver spoon which creeps in slowly. On the other hand Sindhu is the daughter of the maid who works in Bhairavi’s home.

Both the girls have a loving friendship and remain indifferent to their economic status until Bhairavi gets haunted by the green monster, jealousy. As they enter adolescence, the good natured and kind hearted Sindhu gets showered in love by Bhairavi’s family. This floods jealousy and selfishness in the mind of Bhairavi which reaches its peak when her suitor Veer falls for sweet Sindhu. From then on it kicks off as a cocktail of family melodrama, romance, friendship and vengeance. Tina Dutta and Rashmi Desai play the lead roles of Sindhu and Bhairavi. It is written by Mitali and is directed by Ketan Dubey. This serial was also dubbed in Malayalam as Valsalyam and was telecasted in Surya TV.