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Shivam is a Tamil mythological serial telecasted on the Star Vijay channel from Monday to Friday at 6 PM. This serial is a dubbed version of the Hindi serial Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev. It is Star Vijay's offering for the viewers who like mythological stories. The special effects and script on God Shiva's story make the serial different from the other TV serials. The serial started its telecast on 2nd July 2012. The story of the serial tells about the journey of Lord Shiva from being a celibate to a householder.

Lord Vishnu's devotee Dakshan's daughter Sathi falls in love with Lord Shiva. Dakshan stands opposite to his daughter's wish. However, Sathi continues loving Lord Shiva. Then the serial takes the viewer through the extensive story of Sathi falling in love with Lord Shiva and her marriage to God. The serial is so popular among the audiences that it is dubbed across many languages like Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, and Malayalam with Shivam, Mahadev, Hara Hara Mahadeva ‘Hara Hara Mahadeva’ is telecasting on Maa TV from >> Read More... , and Kailasanathan, respectively. The music for the first 140 episodes of the serial was composed by Sandeep Mukherjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Bawra Brothers, Inder, Sunny, and Kartik.

The Bawra brothers remained as the composers for the whole serial. The TV serial stars Mohit Raina Mohit Raina is an Indian television actor, famous >> Read More... as Lord Shiva, Mouni Roy Mouni was born on 28th September 1985 in Cooch Beh >> Read More... in the role of Sathi, Shalini Kapoor as Prasuti, Surendra Pal Best known for his roles as Dronacharya in Mahabha >> Read More... as Prajapati, and Kumar Hegde Kumar Hegde is an Indian Television actor and he i >> Read More... as Nandi. The serial is written by Subrat Sinha Subrat Sinha is a renowned lyricist in Bollywood. >> Read More... , Mohit Bhatia, and Brij Mohan Pandey Brij Mohan Pandey is an Indian Television actor. H >> Read More... . The series is directed by Manish Singh Manish Singh is an Indian dialogue writer and scri >> Read More... and Nikhil Sinha.

The story revolves around Lord Shiva and his wife. Brahma requested his son Prajapati Daksh to incarnate Adi Shakti. After a rift between Shiva and Brahma, Daksha developed resentment towards Shiva. The daughter of Daksha, Sathi, was supposed to be the other half of Shiva. Together, they make Adi Shakti. Shiva and Sati marry each other and start living together. On a special occasion, when Sati goes to his father’s house, Daksha insults Shiva in front of Sati. Before going there, Shiva requested Sati to avoid attending the event. Sati remembers her husband and feels guilty for disobeying her husband. She punishes herself by sacrificing her life. After her death, Shiva became inconsolable and started performing Tandav by carrying Sathi’s body. Lord Vishnu cuts Sati’s body with his Sudarshan Chakra to protect the world from the rage of Shiva. The places where the body parts of Sati fell developed into Shakti pith. Shiva went back to Tapasya. The Adi Shakti took 108 rebirths to reunite with Shiva. In the 108th birth, Adi Shakti was born as Parvati. Parvati meditates for several thousand years to make Shiva believe in her.

Finally, Parvati and Shiva marry each other. The storyline then covered several significant events of Hindu mythology associated with lord Shiva. It covers the birth of their first son, Kartikey, his first encounter with lord Ganesh, their daughter, Ashoka Sundari, the tale of Samudra Manthan, and many more. It represents the stories related to different forms of Shiva and Parvati. The serial can be a good source for introducing Hindu mythology to the younger generation. The storyline delves into the folklore related to the god. It is a good recommendation for people interested in mythology. The serial promotes Hinduism in the world.


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