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Pasamalar Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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Pasamalar is a Tamil drama soap opera which was aired on Sun TV. The show was premiered on September 7, 2013 and is running till date . It is directed by Azhagar Saravanan Meenakshi and stars popular actor, Stalin in the lead role. The show was produced by Home Movie Makers and the cast includes Prithika, Chandra Lakshman Chandra Lakshman is a famous television serial and >> Read More... , Aishwariya, Priyanka, Lakshmi, Poorni, Azhagu, Soundar and many more. It is a story about the love of a brother, Poovarasu (played by Stalin) to Thamarai and Mallika, his two younger sisters. He was taking care of the two since he was 10 years old when their parents died. He sacrifices all his interests and aspirations to do his obligations to his sisters.

Poovarasu works in a small engineering factory, while Thamarai is the one who takes care of their house and Mallika studies in College. She has a distinct behavior towards life. The story starts when Poovarasu and Thamarai goes to the temple since it’s Thamarai’s birthday. Then the two returns home on bike. Mallika was sleeping at home who is supposed to be studying. But when Poovarasu and Thamalai knock on the door, she rapidly rose up and pretends that she is studying. Mallika is completely opposite to her older sister. Thamarai is very loving and she is always worried on how they can survive with a small income. She also did small jobs to earn money without her brother’s knowledge.

Later, Poovarasu’s love for her sisters was tested when Mallika decided to get married to Vimal. Then a different twist happens . Poovarasu will marry Kokila, Thamalai will marry Pari, but Pari meets with an accident and lose his memory. And then there comes Arvind, the cousin of Kokila who just returned from USA. Mallika will work in Arvind’s company, and Vimal will be saddened to see their closeness. One day, in a fit of rage Arvind traps Mallika and later, gets caught by the police. Charu will be Pari’s business partner and she will fall in love with him. Pari will introduce her wife, Thamarai to Charu as her maid. But she will soon find out that the two are really a couple and she will decide to cut her relationship with Pari.

However, she will still be resistant on marrying Pari. She will force him to send Thamarai a divorce letter. And as Pari is ready to marry Charu, Poovarasu will go to the police and will hit Pari, until he bangs on a pillar and his memory will regain. And as Thamarai is about to jump in a well, Pari will come and save her. Charu, on the other hand will be the reason for Pari and Thamarai’s reunion . She decides to go back to US and leaves 15 lakhs cash with Pari. Kokila and Mallika will get pregnant. Kokila will lose her baby and blames Poovarasu. Mallika’s in-laws want the baby aborted. But in the end, she will still deliver her baby. Poovarasu’s life together with his sisters is full of trials and struggles. Will they be able to survive it? Can Poovarasu’s love for them be able to save them from all the negativity?

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Pasamalar is a teleserial being telecasted on Sun TV Network. It is the story of a brother who lives for his sisters. He loves them very much and makes sure that they get everything they want in their life. Even if it means he has to live without basic necessities. Is this love reciprocated by his sisters and others around them? What is their attitude towards life and how it affects the life of their brother? That is the main story which has captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of viewers in Tamil Nadu and all over the world. Main characters on Pasamalar are played by Stalin, Pritika and Lakshmi. Other supporting cast include Purni, Prithika, Lakshmi, Azhagu, Suresh and Shyam. Siva. Ila.

Amalraj has written the touching story for this serial and handles the screenplay too in an interesting manner. Dialogues are written by R. Darmalingam which has got the nod of viewers by being practical and effective. On the technical side, “Pasamalar” is captured in camera in the able hands of cinematographer S. Gopal who gives it a beautiful image similar to a movie production. Editing is handled by V. Karthik, while the sound recording is handled by P. Yakob and Selvam. Title song of this serial is very popular. It is composed by Rajkkumar Rajamanikkam who has sung it along with Vinaitha. Lyrics for this song are written by famous movie lyricist Yugabharathi. Additional music for this serial is provided by Hari. “Pasamalar” is produced by “Home Movie maker”s, whose creative head Sujatha Vijaykumar ensures it has twists and turns that the viewers are expecting. This serial is directed by Azhagar.


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