Vinod Jethmalani Hindi Actor
Vinod Jethmalani is a senior actor who has been a part of several television serials. He has played the role of a teacher in the show called Kaali, which was a crime thriller and was aired on Star Plus, starting in the year 2010, and continued till 2011. The show is about a middle class family and its aspiring girl Rachana who wants to become a badminton player. Unfortunately a rich influential guy, much older than her, Thakral, tries to molest her and from there on begins her protest, and follows the rest of the serial.

He has also been seen in the show, Uttaran, playing the role of a lawyer. The show is based on two young girls, one rich and one poor and their budding friendship. He also played the role of a judge on the show, Paavitra Rishta that was aired on Zee TV. This show is about the bond between a girl and her mother, and thereby follows the desire of the mother to find the perfect groom for her daughter. He has also done a cameo in Crime Patrol, where he played the role of the Village Sarpanch. Crime Patrol is a show that comes with a new story in each of its episodes talking about the crimes that take place in the country, in turn making the audience aware of them.

He has also played a diamond merchant on C.I.D. which is a show based on a detective series and investigators who solve an incidence of crime with the help of forensics. He has done short, but a variety of roles in various serials.

His current celebrity ranking is 2411 on television, whereas his peak ranking was in April, 2013, when he had the ranking of 880.