Beena Banerjee

Other names of Beena Banerjee: Bina, Beena, Bina Ravi
Beena Banerjee Hindi Actress
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Beena Banerjee is a noted Indian television and film actor who has worked both in Hindi and Bengali films and television shows. Beena Banerjee was born as Beena Batabyal and is the daughter of yesteryears superstar and thespian actor Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar was an actor who is well known for h >> Read More... Pradeep Kumar . She is oldest of other two sisters Reena and Meena and a younger brother Debi Prasad. She is known in the film fraternity and television industry for her modest, honest, gracious and lady-like behavior. Beena Banerjee is also known to choose her roles very categorically and specifically and is famous for doing roles which characters are of honorable and respectful nature. She started her acting career in the year 1977 and is still going and is continuing to entertain the audiences with her power pact performances. Beena Banerjee is married to Mr. Banerjee, a businessman and has a son who is an aspiring director and have already assisted director Sajid Khan Sajid Khan is a Bollywood director, producer and e >> Read More... Sajid Khan in movies like Housefull 2 and Himmatwaala. Beena Banerjee was brought up in a very strict manner and despite of her good and attractive looks she didn’t took up roles of heroin or leading lady as she felt that in her days those roles demanded a sexy personality and exposing which she was unable to do and was not comfortable with. And also she did not wanted to bow her father’s head.

Actor Beena Banerjee has acted over 200 films in her acting career spanning over 40 years and she is currently seen in colors TVs hit serial Uttaran in a very prominent role. She was recently taken into custody by the CBI for money owning cases and was later released. Some of Beena Banerjee’s popular movies are: Koi Mill Gaya, Lajja, Baabul, etc. The audiences hope to see more of her acting in coming years.