Girija Shanker is a Indian actor as well as director and is popular for his roles in television serials like ‘ Mahabharat Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ which was telecasted during the year 1988 to 1990, ‘Baghi’ which was released in the year 2006 and ‘Khwaab’ which was released in the year 2004.
The televisions serial that gave him a great exposure and the one that stills remains one of his best performances ever is the character Dridharastra, who is the helpless father of Duryodhana in the television serial ‘Mahabharat’. The serial was produced by B.R Chopra and is directed by his son Ravi Chopra Intro: Apart from his great directorial skills for >> Read More... . The television was released during the year 1988 and had a total of 94 episodes with each episode running about 45 minutes. The televisions show went on to become a viral hit and was telecast in DD1 and Star Utsav. Besides the show received international attention and the satellite rights were bought by BBC channel to telecast the show in United Kingdom and for the equal amount FBC TV channel also bought the satellite rights to telecast the show in Fiji. The show was also dubbed in different languages which include Tamil, Telugu and also International languages like Indonesia.
Girija Shanker also made his debut as a director by shooting a English film, ‘Banana Brothers’, which tells the tale about two young men who went to San Francisco with a dream to earn big and to lead high life and they ultimately succeeds in it after facing many difficulties and obstacles throughout their life. He said during an interview that there were many Indians in USA and Canada who had every skill to become a successful actor but lacked the opportunity and had no platform to showcase their talents. So Girija Shanker met and called everyone of them to make this movie come true.
Faisal Rashid Hindi Actor

Faisal Rashid

Faisal Rashid, aged about 30 and 5’ 9” tall is an Indian Television actor who is well-known for his acting skills. His debut television serial was “Upanishad Ganga” on Doordarshan in 2012. He is very glad that he plays different characters in the show. He is a very dedicated actor. He used to read Upanishads for the sake of acting in the serial. Upanishad Ganga is an Indian Television drama series based on the message in the Upanishads directed by Chadraprakash Dwivedi. It is to his credit that he spoke in Hindi even though he does not know Hindi. The serial mostly dealt with the ideal thinking and empowerment provided by the Vedic society of India. He was also seen in the serial on Sony TV. Actor Faisal Rashid has graduated from the reputed Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune.    He then started his career in theatre in the year 2005 with the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. He has been part of several plays of Motley’s Productions which includes Antigone, The Caine Mutiny Court Martial and By George. He was seen in the films like Raavan, My Friend Pinto and others. He is awaiting the release of his two upcoming films Mohalla Assi and Sonali Cable. Talented theatre personality Faisal Rashid is currently (2014) seen in Ekta Kapoor’s serial Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, which revolves around a women-centric family. He is an excellent actor playing the pivotal role in the show. Another version of this bio... Faisal Rashid is an Indian film, television and theater actor and a producer, who became popular after acting on Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s television drama serial, Upanishad Ganga, which was aired on Doordarshan channel in the year 2012. He played the characters of Bhadrachala Ramadas, Tulsidas, and Birbal in the serial and he was acclaimed for his brilliant performance in this serial. In 2010, before acting in Upanishad Ganga, Faisal was seen on Sony Entertainment Television’s Faisal also acted as Suresh Shrivastava in Ekta Kapoor’s Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV channel. Besides acting on television, Faisal is a talented theater personality, who completed his studies at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. His theater career started in the year 2005, along with the actor, Naseeruddin Shah. He performed in many plays of Motley’s Productions including The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, Antigone, and By George. In 2012, Faisal earned a nomination for Best Male Actor in a Lead Role at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards for his outstanding performance in the play, Baghdad Wedding. Faisal is also doing short films and was starred in Mitakshara Kumar’s Kaash in 2004, Johnnie in My Place and End of Love in 2010, and The Breadfruit Tree in 2013. He turned producer in the 2011 short film entitled Lucid. He was part of Mani Ratnam’s thriller film, Raavan in 2010 and the Bollywood film, My Friend Pinto in 2011. This was followed by an appearance in the Indian comedy film, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana; a film that marks the directorial debut of Sameer Sharma in 2012. In 2014, he played as Gautam in Sandeep Varma’s biopic film, Manjunath and also acted in Sonali Cable. He is now waiting for the release of Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s Bollywood satirical film, Mohalla Assi, which stars Sunny Deol in the lead role.


Giriraj Kabra

Giriraj Kabra is Indian film and serial actor who is popular for his role in the 2009 film, ‘Kirkit’. The movie was releases in both Urdu and Hindi versions and it is about two groups fighting each another in the name of cricket. He is also famous and received a lot of appreciation for his role as Bittu in Sahara One’s televisions serial ‘Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lage’ produced by Entertainment hub. The offer for the role in this serial was after his first film ‘Kirkit’ went on to become a super hit. But later the televisions producer replaced him with the actor Raj Singh without any warning or prior notices to the former actor Giriraj Kabra. The actor is pretty agitated and upset about this sudden dismissal from the sets of this television show. He was with the crew of the televisions serial ‘Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lage’ from the beginning i.e., from 2011 and has worked for two years strait and was suddenly given a termination letter on July 2013 stating that the reason of the dismissal was because he was a poor performer. This made actor agitated and on an interview he let out his fury by telling that he would never work with the channel Sahara One anymore. The actor did not do or take up any project for months and then later came to the small screen with the television show ‘Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi’. The televisions serial is produced by Balaji Telefilms and is being telecast in Colors channel. Girija Kabra will be portraying the role of a guy who has experienced all the ups and downs of the life and that character is friend of Shakti Arora, played by Ranveer.

Giriraj Kabra Hindi Actor