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Anandham Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Anandham is among one of the most popular daily series that was formerly telecasted by the Sun TV channel. After obtaining a huge success, the series, was dubbed into two other languages like Malayalam and Telegu. , the series was again re-telecasted for public view in the Zee Tamil channel on the February 24th of 2014 . The serial was aired on the television screens during weekdays from 7:00 PM according to the Indian Standard Time. The genres adopted by this series was a family drama, romance and suspense.

The original version of this series ran for a total number of 1297 episodes and it took more than 5 years to complete. The plot of this series revolves around a female becomes a victorious and independent-thinking woman. The female lead role was played by a famous film actress, 'Sukanya' . The male lead role was played by a famous TV actor, 'Kamalesh'. a veteran television and film actor, Delhi Kumar also played a major role in this series. The rest of cast and crew members of this series included famous TV actors like Brinda Das, 'Sripriya', 'Satish', Saakshi Sivaa , l Vanaja, 'Sanjeev', 'Vandana', 'Aishwarya', 'Venkat'. The TV actor, Vijay Adhiraj had made his appearance in some of the episodes of this series. Several other well-known TV actors had taken up significant roles in this series.

The child artist in this series was 'Baby Indira'. ‘Sathya Jyothi Films’ is the production company which produced this drama series. The directing team of this series included Cheyyar Ravi, B. Nithyanandam and Viduthalai. S.P. Saravanaraja, K.S. Arun and Veeramuthu were the assistant directors. Thiru Gnana Sundaram and R.P. Rangarajan were the associate directors. The story and screenplay for this series were written by R. Selvaraj . The editing was done by Raja Pradeep and Alamelu. .T.G. Thiyagarajan was the producer. The music for the title track was composed by Ramani Bharadwaj and the track was sung by Chithra. The lyrics for the title track were written by Piraisoodan.

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Anandham was a mega-hit serial that was initially telecasted on the Sun TV channel . The serial ran for about 5 years and almost 3 months. It was also dubbed into two languages other than Tamil and they were Malayalam and Telugu. It was again re-telecasted on the Zee Tamil channel on the 24th of February 2014, aired on every Mondays to Fridays at about 7 pm local time.

The main characters were played by Sukanya as Shanthi, Brinda Das as Abhirami, Delhi Kumar as RK, Sri Priya as Charulatha, Kamalesh as Karthik (Shanthi’s husband), The supporting characters included Satish as Madhan (Abhirami’s husband), Saakshi Siva as Durai (assistant commissioner), Vanaja as Priya, Sanjeev as Arjun (RK’s son-in-law), Jahnvi as Rajeswari (RK’s wife), Venkat as Shyam (Abhirami’s brother), Lakshmi as Jamuna and Aishwarya as Ramya (Abirami’s sister) The total number of episode in the series was 1297. The series is a family drama portraying the positive sides of an independent woman, how she struggles to make her living instead of a traditional woman who fights with her husband and her mother-in-law. Radha Krishnan is a successful industrialist whose blissful existence is threatened by the multiple events which involve his four children.

Shanthi is a widow with a child. Most of the initial part of the serial revolves around this. Abhirami (Brinda Das) is another daughter-in-law of RK . She always hoped that Karthik (the second son of RK) would marry her younger sister. Unfortunately, Shanthi was re-married to Karthik. Shanthi struggles a lot for gaining acceptance in the family. The rest of serial revolves around a series of problems that Abhirami creates for Shanthi. Meanwhile, Abhirami makes a master plan and gains all the wealth along with RK 's home , leaving him in an ashram. Later it was discovered that Abhirami is an adopted child. Like many other serials having many sub-plots and characters revolving around it, The cast of Anandham also included the character of Asst Commissioner Durai played by Saakshi Siva. The serial finally ends with a happy note and success in Durai’s love life.

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Anandham symbolises Happiness in Tamil. This serial was originally aired on the Sun TV channel from the 24th of November 2003 till the 2nd of February 2009 . It was again re-telecasted on the Zee Tamil television channel on the 24th of February , 2014.Aanandham was written by R.Selvaraj and directed by 3 different directors named Cheyyar Ravi, Nithyanandham and Viduthalai. Sukanya, a well renowned South Indian actress took the lead role in this serial and made an entry into the Silver Screen of Tamil Nadu as a part of 1297 episodes series which spanned from Mondays to Fridays.

The same serial was also dubbed in Telugu and Malayalam and released under the Sun TV Networks like Gemini and Surya TV simultaneously with the same name Anandham. The female lead role played by the actress 'Sukanya', is also a  Singer, Bharatnatyam Dancer, Music Composer and a Vocal Actor. She was born on July 8, 1969, and has acted in over 100 movies in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam before stepping into Tamil serials. The plot of the story is based on the role played by 'Sukanya' . Anandham is a family drama with elements of business, politics, love and romance, murders and other genres of a typical Tamil mega serial in a mixture of emotions which was looked forward by the audience, such that this serial has engaged its viewers for 5 years and 3 months long. However, unlike the many other tear-jerking Tamil serials, Anandham depicts the story of successful, independent-minded women rather than the women battered by their husbands and mothers-in-laws. Sukanya plays the role Shanthi, a female protagonist and the opposing role of Abhirami was played by Brinda Das.

Like every long-term serial, there are many sub-plots and supporting characters included this serial. But the story part which stood out the most and led to a hike in the serial's popularity ratings involved the romantic life of the character of Assistant Commissioner Durai, also known as A C Durai played by hunk with a huge fan-following, Saakshi Sivaa. He garnered through the role. Due to its tremendous success of the series was again re-telecasted and on Zee Tamil Channel .