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Aishwarya Bhaskaran

Other names of Aishwarya Bhaskaran: Aishwariyaa, Shanta Meena Bhaskar
Aishwarya Bhaskaran Tamil Actress
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Aishwarya Bhaskaran or Shanta Meena Bhaskar in real life is a South Indian actress who has performed in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. She was born in the year 1971 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She is the daughter of the famous Indian personalities, Lakshmi, and K Bhaskaran. Aishwarya has a step sister at her mother's side. She was married to Tanveer but eventually, they got divorced. However, they have been blessed with a daughter named Anaina. Aishwarya is also the maternal granddaughter of Indian film producer and director, Yaragudipati Varada Rao or Y. V. Rao. Apart from her career, she is also involved in a computer business.

She debuted in the film, Nyaayangal Jeykattum directed by her mother and step father, Sivachandran. Her first film 'Oliyampukal' was released in 1990. She has also acted in the Telugu films, Prema Jhindabad, and Seetapathi Chalo Tirupati. In the year 1991, she played as Rani in 'Mamagaru' and in the same year, she also acted in 'Thaiyalkaran'. In 1992, she played the lead role of Meera, a college girl who was about to have a baby, in the Tamil romance film, 'Meera'. In 1993, she played two personalities of Anju Nambiar and Manju Nambiar in the Malayalam romantic comedy film, 'Butterflies' and she played the role of Vidya P. Bhalla in 'Gardish', a Hindi film under the direction of Priyadarshan.

Aishwarya was also spotted in the movies, Jackpot, Suyamvaram, Narashimham, Dada Sahib, Praja, Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi, The King Maker Leader, Naani, Aaru, Thanthra, Notebook, Sri Mahalakshmi, Sabari, Sringaram: Dance of Love, Pazhani, Buridi, Manushya Mrugam, Madirasi, Maad Dad, Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalia, For Sale and this year, she was seen in Un Samayal Arayil.

She has also done some popular daily soaps. She played as Lalitha Bai in the famous Malayalam drama soap, Paarijatham, which telecasted on Asianet, which completed over 500 episodes. She was awarded the Best actress in a negative role for this series. She was also in Mama Mapillai from 2010 up to the present and in the Tamil drama serial, Thendral on Sun TV. This serial is currently running up to this time.

Aishwarya is one of the most reputable and renowned artists in the film and television industry. She is also looking forward to directing films. In spite of her mother, Lakshmi did not allow her to do films; she was very dedicated towards pursuing her acting dream. Her mother's advice to her is to study abroad, get married and enjoy life ahead thence. The thing which sparked an actress within her was a day when her stepdad was auditioning for a girl who could act and speak in Kannada, and Aishwarya was witnessing everything from her bedroom to the screen test of many girls who auditioned. She got irritated at a girl who was trying to learn few lines in the Kannada language. She came out of her bedroom and asked if the girl could even say those lines properly. And then she was asked by her stepdad if she could say those lines to which she agreed. From that moment onwards, her stepdad recognized the acting talent within her and decided to let her enter the industry, even though her mother Lakshmi was not in favor of their decision. However, Aishwarya never regrets being in the industry.

Another Version Of This Bio:

She is a south Indian actress who has played various roles in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. Her mother is a well – known actress Lakshmi. Her debut film was Nyaayangal Jeykattum, which was produced by her stepfather Sivachandran and mother Laxmi. She started off through the Telugu films Prema Jhindabad and Seetapathi Chalo Tirupati in 1990.

She played the role of Rani in Mamagaru in 1991 which was another Telugu film. She has played significant roles in a number of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films till date. She has even done a double role in one of her films. She occasionally works with a computer firm along with her acting career. She is currently playing the role of Lalitha Bhai in the Malayalam TV show Paarijatham. Lakshmi and K Bhaskaran gave her the name Shanta Meena Bhaskar. She also has a stepsister; her stepfather’s daughter. She got married and divorced later. Tanveer her ex-husband and they have a daughter Anaina.

Another Version Of This Bio: 

Aishwarya was born in Chennai, Tamilnadu and is a very popular actress in the Tamil film industry. She is the daughter of famous actress namely Lakshmi. She is a very expressive actress that she does only performance based characters. She has a great passion for movies, and her screen presence is just awesome. She has done many supporting roles, and she has a huge fan base for her. She is an actress of South Indian film industries like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. 'Nyaayangal Jeykattum' was her debut movie as an actress, and she played her role perfectly.

Her acting thus was recognized, and she got many offers in acting later. 4 The People is a Malayalam serial in which she is currently acting. She has acted in many movies in the three South Indian film industry and has grabbed a lot of following. She has a good appeal with her acting and screen presence. She has acted in more than forty movies. Her performance in acting is the most remarkable thing of her. She has a clean image as an actress that she tend to get a lot of chances in acting. The best part is that she is acting in many series till date and all are quite popular ones.

She has acted in six Tamil series namely Anandham in the year 2003, Muhurtham in the year 2006, Raja Rajeswari Raja rajeswari is a spiritual drama telecasted on >> Read More... Raja Rajeswari in the year 2006, Thendral in the year 2012, Mama Mapillai, which is currently getting ahead. She has acted in five Malayalam series namely Kavyaanjalai in the year 2004, Kadamattathu Kathanaar in the year 2004, Swami Ayyappan Swami Ayyappan is an Indian soap opera that is lau >> Read More... Swami Ayyappan in the year 2010, Paarijatham in the year 2012, and 4 The People is a currently ongoing serial that was started in 2015. Her acting in Abhiyum Naanum Abhiyum Naanum is the Tamil serial telecasted on S >> Read More... Abhiyum Naanum and Panchathantiram was highly appreciated by the critics. She is undoubtedly an actress of choice for doing the supporting roles in movies.