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Tamil Tv Serial Koppiyam Unmayum Pinnaniyum

Koppiyam Unmayum Pinnaniyum Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv
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Koppiyam Unmayum Pinnaniyum is a reality show hosted by Raj Television Network. It has its set of audiences, who watch the show regularly. But definitely, this show is not for the light-hearted people, as it deals with the paranormal happenings in and around Tamil Nadu. This program features very interesting and strange events and its all about real life events, emotions, people and judgments.

Koppiyam Unmayum Pinnaniyum fearlessly exposes and brings to light hitherto taboo and unmentionable cases like re-marriage, physical and emotional assaults at workstations, Rape, murders, Money Laundering, Spiritual cheats, etc.

Every day it’s a different case and each of the stories showcases the places and individuals involving in crime and mystery especially that were in the media and news in the recent times. This show is all about brutal murders, kidnappings and theft happening in the town which remains unsolved seeking justice. It deals with the criminal investigation.

The Aarani Samiyar case is one important telecast in the series which turned everybody’s focus into seeing this show regularly. This show has also dealt with very familiar cases like Nithyananda scandal, 2G, etc. All the series videos are available on YouTube and other video sites which are available for users viewing anytime.

Another Version of the story...

Koppiyam is a Tamil Crime Television Show. This Tamil Television show is an Indian Television Crime show in which the narrator tried to make the viewers understand about why the criminals are committing the crime and what are the reasons behind their crimes committed with the help of police, lawyers, doctors and the common people by shedding their light on the details and reason behind the crimes. This show highlights the real-life stories of crime like Murder, Rape, Harass, suicide, Robbery and Sex affair show. This program shows cases of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Karnataka and Chennai that had occurred like a case of dicots, Murder, Rape, Robbery and other cases in general life. Koppiyam is a Television reality series of Raj TV that described the mysterious activities in South India. The Television series is all about nonfictional activities and genuine criminals. The show tries to narrate the viewer the stories related to the bravery of Indian people to struggle for the freedom from crimes.

Main Hosts

Deepa Venkat is a very popular Indian Tamil actress, anchor, Host. She is the very famous personality in the Television of Bollywood also. She was born on 27th June 1975 in Coimbatore, India. She played her role in various Hindi and Bhojpuri movies. She married to Shukla, and now they are having twins. The other famous movies of Ravi are Guru, Pandit, Delhi, Vada and many other Television Shows.

Koppiyam serial is a Tamil Television Crime show. You can catch this serial at 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm on every Sunday on Tamil channel Sun TV.



Rishi Tamil Anchor
DOB: 7 May 1985
A. C. Murali Mohan Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 1 June 1960
A. C. Murali Mohan
Rajinikanth Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 12 December 1950