South Indian actress, Vandana was born on June 10, 1989. Her place of birth was Thrissur. She is also a model. The movie ‘Mayookham’ was a start to her acting career which was directorial by Hariharan. But she climbed the ladder of success with the film Happy Husbands along-side Jayasurya. Her debut in the industry was all due to Hariharan, who had perceived her as a beautiful actor. She was also cast in the movie, Ulagam Chuttrum Valiban. Even though the movie was not a hit but the amount of appreciation earned by the female was praise worthy.

She had delivered a wonderful performance. Another major success of hers was the film, Simhasanam. It was an action thriller in which Vandana had a pretty strong role to play. Her film ‘NadiyaKollapettaRathri’ was a super hit which displayed her brilliant acting skills. The Malayalam film ‘Karyasthaan’was also a blockbuster which once again proved how beautiful the lady was as an actress. But her film Rasputin was a flop.

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Many people discover their talent gradually, similarly this South Indian actress and a famous model, named Vandana Menon was born in Mulankunthukavu, a place 10kms away from Thrissur. She played a supporting role in her debut film Mayookham, playing the role of Nalini, in the year 2005. The director of this movie was Hariharan. However, it came out to be an average film. This was also the debut of Mamta Mohandas and Saiju Kurup. In the early years of life,

Vandana was spotted in PellanikiPremalekhaPriyuralikiSubhalekha as a child actress in 2002. After her debut film, she was seen in many movies, namely NadiyaKollappettaRathri(2007) which was a crime suspense thriller and Kaaryasthan (2010), both of them were super hit movies though she did supporting roles and Suresh Gopi being the lead actor. Continuing in the year 2010, Happy Husbands was a blockbuster movie that was a remake of a comedy Bollywood film, the film earned a good amount too. Here, she was starred with Jayasurya and got noticed among the people.

The same year of her success, she did more roles and appeared as in Dileep’s 100th film that was Kaaryasthan. With the same actor of Happy Husbands, she played a role in the film-UlakamChuttumValibanin 2011, here she played as Varsha, a TV channel Presenter. The actress always wanted an impressive mark on Malayalam movies. In the year 2012, Shaji Kailas cast her as the heroine in the film, Simhasanam, which was an action thriller; the creation was a family drama showing attachment of son and father. Her latest film released in the year 2015 –Rasputin, played a doctor role that turned out to be a flop show. Vandana is never after movies, rather she gives time selecting them after long thinking, and all this shows her steep nature. The actress is expected to have an outstanding talent that will be seen in her upcoming films as she discovers herself more and more.

Subbalakshmi Bhatia

Subbalakshmi Bhatia is a celebrity daughter in the South Indian Tamil film industry. She is currently pursuing her education and has not entered the entertainment industry. Subbalakshmi Bhatia is the daughter of the very popular yesteryear South Indian actress Gautami Tadimalla. She is fondly called as Subbu. Subbalakshmi Bhatia was born on the 2nd of November in the year 1999. She was born at Tadimalla village which is located in Nidadavole in Andhra Pradesh, India. Subbalakshmi Bhatia then moved to Chennai city with her mother. The father of Subbalakshmi Bhatia is Sandeep Bhatia. Her parents got married in the year 1998, but due to unhealthy circumstances, they got divorced briefly in the year 1999. The grandparents of Subbalakshmi Bhatia passed away in a few years after her parents' separation. These incidents made Subbalakshmi Bhatia grow up with her single mother. Later in the year 2005, Gautami Tadimalla got into a live-in relationship with the legendary south Indian Kollywood actor Kamal Haasan who is also a dancer, film director, lyricist, playback singer, producer and is now a politician. Subbalakshmi Bhatia is very close to father Kamal Haasan and has sisters Shruthi Haasan and Akshara Haasan. Unfortunately, in the year 2018, actress Gautami Tadimalla ended the relationship with actor Kamal Haasan after a long period of 13 years. This separation created an impact on Subbalakshmi Bhatia. Actor Kamal Haasan released a statement saying he was hugely devasted by the separation from his partner Gautami Tadimalla and daughter Subbalakshmi Bhatia but he wished for their well being, comfort and solace. Subbalakshmi Bhatia now stays with her mother Gautami Tadimalla in their maternal accommodation. Gautami Tadimalla even battled cancer for some months. In the year 2018, news began to spread that Subbalakshmi Bhatia was going to make her debut in the Kollywood industry with the remake of the Telugu blockbuster film Arjun Reddy which was released in the year 2017. The remake in Tamil is titled Varma and has actor Dhruv Vikram who is the son of Tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram. This film is getting directed by film director Bala. However, Subbalakshmi Bhatia's mother Gautami Tadimalla cleared the chaos by pointing out that it is a rumor and that the current focus of Subbalakshmi Bhatia is her education. There is some more news which says that actress Gautami Tadimalla approached many top-notch film directors and producers to launch her daughter with a good script. But this was also found to be false.

Subbalakshmi Bhatia Tamil Actress