Tamil Tv Serial Alaigal

Alaigal Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Alaigal is a successful mega serial telecasted in Sun TV. It ended in the year 2003 and was telecasted between 9pm to 9.30pm. Kalyani and Chandrasekar have three children. Chandrasekar has an elder brother, but the latter died. Hence, Chandrasekar adopts his brother’s three children who were orphaned. Ramu was the eldest among the three children and he is married to a woman called Sita. Ramu and Sita are being treated as servants that are unpaid by Kalyani.

The second child is Gayatri. She works in a school as a teacher. The last and the youngest child is Anand. He is a photographer at a leading press. Kalyani did not like these three children of Chandrasekar’s brother and she makes them work as per her wish. At this point of time, a notorious character by name Ranga enters. The reason he is so is all because of Kalyani and one fine day he sees Kalyani in a shop and is shocked. To take revenge Ranga plans to shatter the family of Kalyani. Therefore, he targets Gayathri and marries her in a temple. Gayatri lives with Ranga now in their new home. She slowly sees the other side of Ranga. Ranga injects steroids injection to Gayathri instead of insulin injections. Hence, her name in society is tarnished. Now Ranga hires a character called Murali and proves that Gayathri had an affair with Murali.

The entire family of Kalyani falls in trap and they curse Gayathri for this. Gayathri is very much depressed. In addition, Ranga gives her torture and tries to kill her. However, Gayathri escapes. Ranga makes everyone believe that Gayathri had ran away with Murali. Anand is in love with a girl called Sindu. Sindu is an estate owner’s daughter. Her parents names are Sakunthala and Krishna. Her brother’s name is Hari. Sakunthala is fond of money instead of her husband. Therefore Krishna transfers all his properties in the name of Sakunthala and leaves. Krishna is followed by Sindu (his daughter). They meet Savitri as she greatly consoles them and takes care of Sindu as well. Krishna due to his hard work again becomes the owner of another tea estate. The story goes ahead with other characters named Vijay, Sowmya and their associations with Ranga.

The story unfolds with many secrets revealed. This serial showcases love, agony, affection, revenge and challenges and has umpteen turning points that are unpredictable. Alaigal bagged best serial award and also the Mylapore Academy awards. Sundar directed it and Dhina is the music composer for Alaigal serial. The main cast includes M. N. Nambiar, Jayachitra, A. L. Raghavan, Vadivukkarasi, Venu Arvind and Nizhalgal Ravi. Additional cast includes Rajesh, Raaghav, Viji Chandrasekhar, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Rajesh, Durga, Vanitha, Yuvasri, M. S. Bhaskar, Venkat, Absar, Manjari, Golden Suresh, Rani, Amitha, Mythili, Murali Kumar, Kanga and Vishwa