Sulakshana Tamil Actress
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actress
Sulakshana was introduced by Director K. Bhagyaraj in the Tamil film, Thooral Ninnu Pochchu in 1982 as the heroine, Mangalam. Many of the young audiences adored her innocent looks accompanied by her fragile figure. In that movie, she acted excellently and many viewers appretiated her acting. That movie was her first film that featured Sulakshana as a heroine in the Tamil cinema field and she did the role with ease. Sulakshana has done many Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam films. After 12 years of being on a hiatus in the film industry, she came back with the television serial, Sahana. K. Balachander was unable to track where Sulakshana is, since she took a break for 12 long years, so they killed the character of Bhairavi in the serial.
Sulakshana happened to read the news from the newspaper and she called Balachander and informed him that she will play the role of Bhairavi. The script was rewritten and they were very happy with Sulakshana’s decision. From then on, Sulakshana received many offers to perform as the lead role in various serials. Sulakshana personally is a down to earth person and she is respected by many for her simplicity and kindness. She has done films like Ezham Suryan, Swagatham, Cheppu, Nyayavidhi, Dabbevariki Chedu, Allulu Vasthunnaru and a lot more.