K. S. Jayalakshmi

Other names of K. S. Jayalakshmi: K.S Jayalakshmi

KS Jayalakshmi is a famous actress from Tamil movies and television serials. She has acted in a number of movies in comical roles with many eminent actors and got a great fame. She entered the television media and took numerous supporting characters which she did perfectly and got a good fan following among the fans of all age groups. KS Jayalakshmi started her career as a supporting actress. Her face and the way she expresses her dialogues, suited humorous personalities and many directors wanted her to do such roles. She used the opportunity and showed the variety in her performance.

As a result, fans liked her and she became a very popular actress working on a number of hit movies. KS Jayalakshmi entered the field of television with the famous series “ Uravugal”. She acted as a middle aged woman in this series, where she showcased her years of movie experience and instantly got the support of television watchers. Hence, the Directors gave her more serials and she did those roles very well. Her other famous character was seen in the series, “ Thendral” where she played the role of Tamizh's mother. She played it nicely and got many awards and recognitions for her performance.

KS Jayalakshmi continued to work on similar roles while showing the difference in even the smallest aspect. As a senior artist, she is also well known to support young actors and actresses, teaching them the skills that they would require in order to succeed in the world of media. There are many popular artists who proudly say that they worked with KS Jayalakshmi and learnt many things from her. She is very pleased about this fact and feels more and more artists should come forward to make this a better field.

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