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Malgudi Days is a Malayalam TV serial that aired on the channel Asianet TV. It is dubbed from the Hindi serial of the same name that aired on Doordarshan in the year 2004, which is, in turn, adapted from the short story collection written by R. K. Narayan in 1943. The scriptwriter and director of the serial was Kavitha Lankesh. There are 32 short stories, and each takes place in a fictional South Indian village called Malgudi. Swami and his friends: the story of a boy named Swaminathan, who gets caught trying to skip school. Vendor of sweets: This is the story depicting the effect generation gap has on Jagan and his son, Mali. An astrologer’s day: the story of a corrupt landlord and the farmer who tries to kill him. The Watchman: the story of an old watchman who saves the life of a girl trying to commit suicide.

Leela’s friend: Leela is a five-year-old girl whose parents are both working. They hire a servant, Siddha, who is blamed for Leela’s lost necklace. Gateman’s gift: Govind Singh takes up making clay toys as a hobby after his retirement, and is paid for it to his surprise. The gold belt: a father, Sambasivan, spends his whole life savings on his daughter’s wedding, but the groom’s family demands a gold belt. The edge: the story of Ranga, who was lured into signing up for a family planning procedure. Performing child: the story of a child classical dancer who had to perform against her will.

Snake song: a talkative man, a flutist, disrespects a beggar and pays for it by being attacked by a snake. Antidote: the story of how superstitions affect the day of an actor. Dodu: the story of the innocence of a boy named Dodu, and how it helps him treat himself. Minister without a portfolio: his comically unworthy schemes eventually get him a worthy case. Iswaran: the story of a boy who failed intermediate nine times. The missing mail: the story of a mailman who risks his job by ensuring the completion of a wedding. Sweets for angels: the story of Pachai, the blind beggar, Kuppan, the rickshaw cyclist, and Kali, the coolie. Roman image: Dr. Bandhopadhyaya, an archaeologist, and his friend, the talkative man, attempt to prove that the remnants of Rome are there is Malgudi.

Trail of the green blazer: the story of a pick-pocketer, Raju, whose sympathy landed him in trouble. Engine trouble: the Talkative Man wins a massive road engine, which gives him more trouble than he could imagine. The career: the story of a merchant who got deceived by the orphan he took in. The seventh house: the story of a couple who married against astrology and are now facing the consequences. Neighbour’s friend: a tale of how even friendship sometimes bends at greed. Salt and sawdust: the story of Swamy and Veena, and how they inadvertently publish a recipe book together. Naga: the story of Venkatesh, a snake charmer, and his son, Pundi. A willing slave: the story of a nameless ‘Ayah’, an old woman, who works as a slave only to give her money to someone else.

A horse and two goats: a tale that proves that friendship and luck know no language barriers. Lawley road: the story about a blanket seller who became a Municipality Chairman, and a talkative man who got a new house. Cat within: the story of a landlord and an exorcist who unlawfully gain money from the tenants. The doctor’s word: a story that says that sometimes dishonesty proves to be more helpful than honesty. Forty-five a month: the story about a father who fails to keep his promise to his daughter, but for the right reasons. Four rupees: Ranga is forced into jumping into a well to retrieve a pot, but for good money. Annamalai: the story of a loyal servant who works for a writer. The hoard: the story of a miser who takes his grandson to a movie. Old man of the temple: the Talkative Man witnesses the local driver, Daas, being possessed by the spirit of a 500-year-old man.