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Mr. Bean is a British sit-com about a confused and childlike but clever man who must cope with various problems he faces in everyday life with wit. The first episode of original Mr. Bean series, starring Rowan Atkinson was broadcasted in 1990 and since then it has been famous all over the world. The series emerged from Rowan Atkinson's stage revues which featured silent comedy. His comic acting genius has created a highly original work for the television that can entertain anyone. Mr. Bean series has been sold to 190 countries worldwide.

The speciality of the show is that Mr Beans speaks only occasionally and it is the physical humor that is got from the interactions with different people that makes Mr. Beans endearing. His strange solutions to different situations also attract the audiences. Mr. Bean series has no language barrier and this has allowed it to be sold worldwide without any significant change to the dialogue.

The character played by Rowan Atkinson of a childish buffoon brings out unusual schemes and strategies for everyday tasks. He lives alone at Flat 2, 12 Arbour Road, Highbury, and is mostly seen in his signature tweed jacket and a thin red tie.

Mr. Bean often seems unaware of how this world works, and the show features his attempts at simple tasks. The funny aspect that comes out is his total disregard for other while solving them. He finds his best friend in an oddly knitted teddy bear with buttoned eyes which he pretends to be a living person.

The show Mr. Bean is hilarious and full of ingenuity and little brain power with main character of a grown man who seems to be literally born yesterday. Mr. Bean is always coming up with inventive methods to assist him in his problems.

The sale of Mr. Bean throughout the world has helped in securing his character a place in popular culture of several countries. Life is difficult for Mr. Bean, who has trouble finishing even the simple tasks. Dedication and ingenious thinking is almost always rewarded.

A show about a clueless yet clever loner who bungles his way through life in London was even transformed in an animated series in 2002, but it remained faithful to the original Mr. Bean series. The performance of Rowan Atkinson makes sure that the character and his essence is not at all lost.