Hindi Tv Serial Sambhav Asambhav

Sambhav Asambhav Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Sambhav Asambhav is a popular Hindi TV series that broadcasted on Sony TV in 2003. The story of this TV serial is based on a Gujarati novel written by Harkisan Mehta. The Story is about the ones caught in re-birth, who are born again and again. Directed by well-known television director Anant Mahadevan and produced by Amar Butala, this show is mostly shot in Mumbai and, Madh Island.

It gained much popularity in Gujarat as the novel on which this show is based is also a Gujarati one. Booklovers adored this show, later it has been translated in other languages like Hindi, Urdu etc. The story revolves around a father his son and his Daughter-in-law. Each character has great chemistry with each other. This show is based on a Gujarati family which resides in Mumbai. Amar Nath, owner of the Indian Steam Corporation, is a wealthy man. His wife died just after giving birth to their son Anand. Day by day Anand grows up and now he is a young boy of around 21 years of age. He falls in love with Maya and tells his father. Though Maya doesn’t belong to a rich family the father allows them to get married. Amar Nath doesn’t want to repeat history as he married to Meera (mother of Anand) against his father’s (grandfather of Anand) wishes 24 years back.