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Hindi Movie Actor Anil Dhawan
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Anil Dhawan was born in Delhi, India and he is a very popular Indian movie actor and also acted in Television serials. He is quite famous in his first movie in the Bollywood film industry namely, Chetna, followed by Piya Ka Ghar This reality show has a story on life of a young g >> Read More... . His spouse name is Rashmi Anil Dhawan. He is pretty much adorable in the song Yeh Jeevan Hai Yeh Jeevan Hai is a classic Indian soap opera that >> Read More... of the film Piya Ka Ghar. His co-star in the movie is Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan. 

He also acted in many modern movies over the period of 1960 until 1970. He also became a political activist who joined hands with Anna Hazare in his team to stand against corruption. He has an ethnicity of Punjabi. He has a son namely Sidharth Dhawan who also turned out to be an actor. His relatives like his brother David Dhawan Born on 16th of August 1955, David Dhawan has alwa >> Read More... is a movie director, Rohit Dhawan Rohit Dhawan is a young talent rising to the top i >> Read More... and Varun Dhawan Varun Dhawan, a new comer entered Bollywood with h >> Read More... are his nephews. 

Anil Dhawan has a granddaughter namely Anjini and a grandson namely Karan via his son Siddharth Dhawan Indian film actor, Siddharth Dhawan, is the son of >> Read More... . In the year 1991, he tried out a very new role in his career. In-fact, it was highly regarded by the huge masses and widely acquired an immense appreciation. The movie he acted was Mein Laxmi Tere Anagan Ki and his co-star was Aruna Irani Aruna Irani is an Indian actress who has acted in >> Read More... . It was a very successful movie and it made a revolution in the box office collection. 

His television serial director was Asha Parekh Asha Parekh was born in October 1942 to a middle-c >> Read More... for Kora Kogaz in the decade of 1990. He admitted that he is a huge fan of Asha and adored her performance in acting till her last movie Heera that got released in the year 1973. The very famous actor has acted in more than 60 movies as a whole in the Bollywood film industry. He also joined the list of actors who debuted in Television and then rocked in the silver screens. 

He is quite prominently known for the movie Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi that got released in the year 1997. He adores Shatrughan who is a good friend of Anil Dhawan. He had done a movie with Jaya Madhuri Bachchan which was a big hit. They had good comfort levels as they belong to the same batch. As right now, the actor is not so obsessed about acting in movies. He is much concerned with his editing studio.


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