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Beintehaa was launched on 30th December 2013 on Colors Channel. The show was broadcasted every Monday to Friday at 9pm time-slot. The serial has crossed more than 150 episodes.

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Harshad Arora is a model turned actor who did a few TV commercials and got a break with the lead role in Beintehaa. In Beintehaa, he plays Zain Abdullah the youngest son of Usmaan and Suraiyya Abdullah who lives each day as it comes and doesn't believe in the concept of love or marriage until he marries Aaliya and eventually falls in love with her.

Preetika Rao is a model, actress and a writer. She is sister of Bollywood actress Amrita Rao Amrita Rao was born on June 7, 1981 in Mumbai, Mah >> Read More... . In Beintehaa, she plays Aaliya, the eldest daughter of Shabana and Ghulam and the youngest daughter-in-law of the Abdullah Family. Aaliya is married to Zain whom she hated as a child but eventually falls in love with him.

Naved Aslam as Usmaan Abdullah is a successful businessman based in Mumbai. Unlike his wife, Usmaan does not give much importance to class and social status and likes to interact with lower-class people

Suchitra Pillai as Suraiyya Abdullah is a celebrity chef, wife of Usmaan Abdullah and mother of Fahad and Zain Abdullah. Suraiyya hates middle-class people and Bhopal hence always tries to keep her family away from Bhopal and the people living there.

Show Concept:

Beintehaa is a Muslim social serial drama. It revolves around a passionate love story between Aaliya (played by Preetika Rao) and Zain (played by Harshad Arora). Zain and Aaliya are childhood cousins who hated each other.

The story is based on Usmaan Abdullah (played by Naved Aslam), a rich businessman living in Mumbai with wife Suraiyya (played by Suchitra Pillai), his elder son Fahad (played by Vivek Madan)  and Zain his second son. Shabana (played by Riva Bubber) is Usmaan’s sister who lives with her husband Ghulam Haidar (played by Rituraj Singh) and two daughters Aaliya and Ayat (played by Shivangi Joshi) in Bhopal.

Zain hates the concept of love and plays a prank in Aaliya’s marriage which ends him in him getting married to Aaliya by his father. Both are not happy with the marriage and make each other’s life miserable. Suraiyya is also not happy with the marriage and has a grudge against Aaliya.

But as time goes by and after several humiliations from Zain and Suraiyya, Aaliya declares that she will write the next chapter of her marriage. At a holy festival they both come close to each other. They start caring for each other’s feelings and finally fall in love.


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