Chandan Prabhakar Hindi Actor

Chandan Prabhakar is a well-known stand-up comedian. He was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India. He became the 1st runner-up in the popular stand-up comedy show in India, “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”, while Kapil Sharma Kapil Sharma was born in a small town of Amritsa >> Read More... Kapil Sharma was the winner. He was also known for his performance as Harpal Singh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Harpal Singh and Jhanda Singh. He loves to paint and been exhibiting his work in some foreign countries, but due to some limitations on time, he was unable to continue this job. He is also very devoted to Punjabi Film Industry, and produced the “Laughter Da Master for ETC Punjabi”. He is now the content director of the Punjabi Films

At present, he plays the role of Raju or Chadda Uncle and Kapil’s house help in the “Comedy Nights with Kapil” TV series. And lately, he was also seen as Rajni, Pappu or the old man, Chiranjilal. He already shot 50 episodes of the CNWK. The show was offered to him at first, but due to his schedule, he rejected it. Kapil and Chandan were grown-up together, studied in the same school and lived in the same village together. He was now working with Kapil in the comedy show and also doing script writing. And as of this time, he is busy doing some Hindi film script, and hopefully be directing too.