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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani is an Indian series on Television that was aired on one of the most watched channel StarOne from the date 18th October 2010 to 15th December 2011. It has a Supernatural theme. As posted by the Times of India the tale was inspired by the Twilight Vampire series and is one of the grandest and successful projects by producer-director Ekta Kapoor. Vivian Dsena's outstanding role as a vampire helped the serial to get popularity. It is a story about the prohibited love between a vampire and a homo sapien. In the series Abhay Raichand (Vivian Raichand) is portrayed as a 200-year-old bloodsucking vampire, who exactly falls for the orphan Piya (Sukriti Kandpal), who signifies Maithili (the role is also done by Sukriti) his soulmate.

Abhay always keeps a photograph of Maithili in this wallet. Piya and her mother Sugandh (Neeta Shetty) was left by her father, Arnab Dobriyal (Anupam Bhattacharya). She is the illicit daughter of Arnab. Piya had resided in an orphanage from 10 years of age after her mother’s demise. After getting a scholarship, the lead actress Piya moved to Dehradun, Uttarakhand to pursue her further education at Mount College. After joining college, she meets her father Arnab Dobriyal, her step-mother named Madhu (the role is played by Papiya Dey Sengupta), her step-sisters, Misha (the role is played by Priya Wal), and Panchi (the position is played by Vahbbiz Dorabjee). She also meets Abhay, the vampire, a young and handsome guy who saves her every time and also stands beside her when everybody turns their back. She meets him in the darkness and coldness of the dense forests adjoining the college campus, but Abhay's mystifying behaviors raise queries in Piya's mind. He is a loner, unlike the other boys despite there is a pleasing charisma about him that Piya can't resist. Piya is baffled by all the odds and regarding Abhay, she does an investigation and gets shocked to see that the consequences indicate vampires.

In due course, Abhay discloses his identity to Piya. Broken, Piya thinks of leaving the place, however, realizes that she loves Abhay, she restricts herself and stays. Siddharth (Siddhant Karnick), also a vampire of the series, returns to Dehradun to acquire revenge on Abhay, Maithali was the reason for they are enemies now. To put away Piya from the vampire Siddharth, he bites her. Later, he admits his affection for Piya. At the moment the heart won and, they got blown away by the breeze of silent love and fell overpoweringly in love with each other, and they did not look back. The closer they got, the more Abhay had to fight back to resist his primary urges. Piya then asks Siddharth about the Raichands; he confides in her that he knows many things about them; he takes her to the scorched house where Maithili had died, and Piya finally meets Maithili there. Siddharth then kidnaps Piya, and she learns that Siddharth and Abhay are brothers and he and Maithili are conspiring against Abhay.

In a brutal fight, Abhay kills Siddharth, and Maithili with an ice slab attacks Abhay and touches it to his heart, tells him to go for the last time and meet Piya as he is getting froze here and will live like a spirit after this Abhay wipes away Piya’s memories. He gets buried under snow, frozen, as Piya’s parents arrive to take her with them. In the next season, one year has passed, and Piya shifts to Dehradun from Paris and is an astounding model now. She doesn’t remember anything about her time at Dehradun; she repeatedly gets clingy to the spot in which Abhay is left all frozen. She after sometime meets Jeh Khurana (Rithvik Dhanjani), who is a strong werewolf and is in a hunt for Abhay to take retribution on him for killing his beloved brother. Devoid of knowing who his authentic identity, Piya saves Abhay from his condition. He is again impolite and mean to her, and she is confused about her thoughts, feeling both repulsive and fascinated towards him at the same instant.

In the meantime, she and Jeh become best of friends. Battles begin between the witty vampires and the cunning werewolves. At this crucial point Piya regains her memory, and gets reunited with Abhay, however, he worries about her safety, so they tell nobody about their relationship. Alina, who is Jeh’s sister, falls head over heels in love with Abhay, and without thinking about anything he agrees to be with her to only shield Piya. Another clash takes place, during which Deepanita, Jeh’s mother, dies. Abhay turns to a human-being by drinking a magical potion and leaves the place with Piya. Again three months later, Jeh kidnaps Piya for revenge, and Abhay tries to save her. Battle engages, and Jeh gets killed by Arnab, who is now a vampire.At last Arnab changes into a human-being, and finally, the show sets a happy ending with the wedding of Abhay and Piya.