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Mooch Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi Hindi Tv serials on Dd metro
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Mooch Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi was a Hindi serial in the genre of comedy which was broadcasted on the prime time block of DD Metro and HFCL venture DD Metro gold or channel nine. Mooch Nahi toh kuch Nahi was a comedy show that provided few rib tickling moments and was based on the theme that “if you don’t have a mooch or moustache then you are not a man enough!” or in other words, a moustache is the symbol of a real man. The main protagonist of the show was the “Moochwaala” or the man with the moustache and a “Paanwaala”.

Various hilarious situations and comic moments was the base part or the theme of the serial “Mooch Nahi toh kuch Nahi”. The hero as portrayed in the TV serial i,’e; the moochwaala was a naïve, weird and stupid character who befriends a paanwaala in his new neighbourhood who shares a different view about moustaches than the hero of this show. Hence, many hilarious situations arised from their interactions and different “chutkula” were shown suiting each and every particular situation. The chutkulas that were told and shown were picturised in a very cute way.

The lead actors of the show seemed novice though. The characters the huge moochwala and the non-moochwaala paanwaala were otherwise boring the chutkulas or the jokes were the main attraction of the show .The overall quality of the serial was quite poor and was not at par to that of Metro Gold channel’s standard. All the other 9 gold serials are sleekly picturised and had action and cinematic appeal. The other characters used in the chutkulas were quite expressive and were used very well in the short snippets.



Shaurya Singh Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 13 September 1984
Shaurya Singh
Deep Dhillon Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 12 January 1956
Deep Dhillon
Charlie Chauhan Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 8 September 1989
Charlie Chauhan
Charu Rohatgi Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 31 December 1969
Charu Rohatgi
Kashif Khan - Comedian Hindi Comedian
DOB: 17 August 1977
Kashif Khan - Comedian