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Hindi Tv Serial Behenein

Behenein Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Behenein is an Indian serial that aired on Star Plus Channel. The story starts with Purva Shastri’s wedding. Her parents die due to a fire accident at her wedding. So, she postpones the wedding. Later, her aunt visits Purva with her son. She wants to grab her brother’s property. But the problem occurs when she finds a will that says the whole property will go to Neema only after her sisters marry. Smriti gets married to her boyfriend, Mihir. Her sisters do not want to disclose that their parents are dead, as she was pregnant at that time. She gives birth to Prem. Her mother-in-law Kamini and sister-in-law Shalaka torture her, and as a result, Smriti is taken to a mental hospital. Then, her husband decides to remarry by pressure.

On the other hand, a good doctor treats Smriti. Purva looks after her child. As a twist, Purva gets married to Mihir. As time passes, Purva and Mihir come closer to each other. The serial started on 8th February 2010 and ended on 29th April 2011.