Hindi Tv Serial Kasturi

Kasturi Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Kasturi is an Indian Television drama broadcast on Star Plus between 2007 to 2009. Produced by Ekta Kapoor, Directed by Garry Bhinder, Vicky Chauhan, Written by Vipul Mehta. Lead Role played by Shubhangi Atre Poorey(Kasturi), Karan Patel (Robbie Sabbarwal), Nandish Sandhu/ Jatin Shah ( Raunak Singhaniya), Mohnish Behl ( Kabir Dhanrajgir).

Kasturi is a story of a girl who is very Intelligent and Bubbly by and nature she was enjoying every moment of her life when her father falls ill and to get money for the treatment she is forced to work. Her boss Robbie he is stubborn and rude by nature, he dislikes Kasturi but Rounak who is the best friend of Robbie always save Kasturi from Robbie’s Anger but after so many fights and miscommunication Robbie and Kasturi fall in love with each other and they got engaged, but before wedding mislead by her sister that Kasturi and Raunak are seeing each other and Robbie back off from marriage later he apologise to Kasturi but she refuse to forgive him and then Kasturi and Raunak got married. Kasturi and Raunak both’s friendship turned into love, but Raunak dies in an accident, Kasturi blames Robbie for his death and later marry with him to take a revenge. On the other hand, Robbie loves her blindly. She got pregnant with Robbie’s child, but take her revenge and Robbie went into a coma. But the twist comes into the story when Kasturi sees Raunak in Malaysia where he tells her that he was never dead, it was a plan made Robbie’s sister and him as they love each other and going to kill Robbie for his wealth.

When Kasturi comeback in India Robbie was recovered and hates Kasturi, and Raunak start torturing Kasturi as she knows his truth, he shot Kasturi and she lost her mental balance and Robbie take care of Kasturi. Meanwhile, Raunak gets exposed and sent to jail. When Kasturi met with an accident, she recovered in her normal state. Robbie and Kasturi was about to marry when to save Robbie’s business Kasturi marry with Kabir Dhanrajgir who already had killed his three wives but Robbie saves Kasturi from him and wants to marry her but she refused as Robbie’s mother blamed her to spoil Robbie’s life and she leave the city and start her life but she lost her memory in an accident and about to marry with her employer Abhi Robbie finds her and she recalls everything and they got married and the serial ends with a happy note.