Harsha Vardhan

Other names of Harsha Vardhan: Harsha Vardan, Harshavardhan

Harsha Vardhan is a famous Telugu actor and a writer. He was born on October 9, 1974 in Rajam, Andhra Pradesh, India. He graduated from L.B. College, Visakhapatnam. Aside from being an actor, he is also a musician and a film director. He was known for his character in TV serials like Amrutham and the Ruthu Raagalu. He did more than 30 Telugu films and became a writer with the Telugu film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde is a TV serial of Rom- >> Read More... Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde and the epic drama film Manam.

Harsha believes that television is a more powerful medium than cinema because he TV reaches in every audience home. He is also a good singer and he wished to be a musical director someday. Harsha admits that he is a very confused type of person. He doesn’t plan well and he is always unhappy. He aims for more fame and popularity. Harsha is still a bachelor since he always wanted to be alone.

Some of his films are Chal Chal, Dalam, Lovely, SMS, Play, Gaganam, Gaayam 2, Pournami, Athadu, Aithe, Anukokunda Oka Roju and more.


Another version of the same story...

Harsha Vardhan is a popular film and serial actor in Telugu. He was born at Rajam, Andhra Pradesh and he completed his studies at Vizag, L. B College. He has 16 years of acting experience in serials and movies. Now, Harshavardhan turned to a dialogue writer. Actually, he came into industry to become a musician and his inspiration was music director ilayaraja. Harshavardhan is not trained in music but he plays instruments and he can compose his own tunes and he can also play other tunes composed by others. He played background music for several serials like Aalu- Balu, Amrutham and etc. He wanted to become a music director, but fate turned him as an actor and a writer. He started his career with serials and his first serial was Ruthuragalu and it was the big hit daily serial on Doordarshan. And after that he got many offers in serials. He got fame with the serial called Kasthuri. For his role in Kasthuri serial he got many appreciations. After that, he did Amrutham serial. It was a very popular comedy serial in Telugu. He got many awards. Now, he is acting in movies. His first movie was kondaveeti simhasanam, but he got fame with the movie called Anukokunda Okaroju, Leader, Josh, and etc. He is a different type of comedian. And coming to his script writing, when he was working in movies, he used to give suggestions to diologues, like that slowly he became a writer. He penned for movies like Drona, Ishq, Vishaka Express, Gunde Jaari Gallanthinde and Manam. He likes legendary actor ANR. Now he is working for hero Nithin’s movie as a writer. We always see him saying about nithin that he is like his brother. Now, he is planning to enter into direction. And also he got an offer from Nithin and Nagarjuna. Recently, he worked as a screenplay writer in Oohalu gusagusalade movie. It was a super success and boosted his career in writing.

DOB: October 9 1974

Serials: Ruthuragalu, Kasthuri, Amrutham, etc

Movies: kondaveeti simhasanam, aithe, athadu, pournami , anukokunda okaroju, indhumathi, josh, leader, gayam2, Golconda high school, lovely, dhalam, etc.



Subhalekha Sudhakar Telugu Actor

Subhalekha Sudhakar

Subhalekha Sudhakar was born on November 19, 1960. He is an Indian film actor in Tollywood who belongs to the Nellore, Andhra Brahmins family. His real name is Suravajula Sudhakar. Suravajula changed his name after doing his debut film entitled, Subhalekha where he acted as Murali in 1982. Subhalekha is 53 years old hailed from Visakhapatnam. He was the eldest of his two brothers. In 1980, he moved to Chennai to study in a film institute. His dream was to become an actor, so he began to search for acting chances. Director Viswanath gave him a chance to be part of the Telugu film titled ‘Subhalekha’. After that, he had done more than 100 films including some Tamil films. He had done different roles, but he was mostly known for doing comedic and supporting roles. He was married to playback singer and classical dancer, S. P. Sailaja, in 1989. Sailaja is the sister of renowned singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam. They have a son, Sreekar who is a graduate in B.Com. Sudhakar considers his wife as his best critic who appreciates and criticize him for his good and bad performances. He also gets inspired by Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjeev Kumar’s comedy tracks. Although he says, he would act for as long as he can, but never tried his hand at producing since he is not adventurous and had only acted and never thought about anything else. Subhalekha appeared in movies like Thunai, Sitaara, Rendu Jella Sitha, Shrimathi Kaavaali, Swathi, Aditya 369, Nesam, Prema Zindabad, Dongaata, Chinnabbayi, Aa Naluguru, Modati Cinema, Bezawada, Dammu, Genius, Priyathama Neevachata Kushalama and many more. In 1983, he acted in Sitaara movie which became the biggest hit movie of that time. He had also played cameo roles in the Tamil film, Ayan and Rakta Charitra. Aside from doing movies, he also acted in some TV serials. He actually loves doing TV shows as he can portray different types of person every day. He was starred in Tamil drama series, Thendral. He was also seen in Madhavi in 2010 and received the Nandi Award for the mega hit serial, Mamathala Kovela. He had also played Thulasi’s father in the Tamil Serial, Thendral on Sun TV. Sudhakar also appeared in Zee Tamil’s Mamiyar Thevai. Among all his serials, his performance in the Tamil serials Anubhandalu, Kotha Bangaram, Chitthi and Kolangal was widely appreciated. Sudhakar is a self-proclaimed cricket fanatic, and he enjoys watching it. He had played several roles and pulled them off quite well as he believes that versatility is natural since he loves playing different people on the screen like a wealthy industrialist, cruel man, an anxious father, etc. He is a versatile actor and widely known for his supportive and comedian roles. Recently, he is being seen in the ETV Plus show ‘Nandini vs Nandini’.  



Achyuth was born as Kunapareddy Acyuta Vara Prasad on December 26, 1960 at Machilipatnam, Krishna District. He is a famous Telugu film and TV actor. Achyuth was married to Ramadevi and have been blessed with two daughters namely, Sai Sujatha and Sai Sivani. His parents are Koonapareddy RamaRao and Koonapareddy Sujatha.  Acyuta started his acting career in year 1991. That time, he was the only artist that appeared on every primetime TV serials and broadcasted in various TV channels. He played the role of Shyam Sunder in 1991’s Prema Entha Madhuram. Followed by the musical drama film, Swati Kiranam where he played as Radha Krishna in 1992. In 1998, he was part of the romantic comedy film, Tholi Prema and in 1999 he was starred in the sports film, Thammudu as Chakri. He was also a guest in the film, Murari in 2001. On the same year, he played the role of Ramesh in the Telugu film, Daddy. In 2002, he was Vignesh in the film, Vasu.  He also appeared in the film, Taj Mahal but he was first introduced in Magalyabalam. Acyuta have acted in over 50 Telugu films. He also became successful in his TV career and his first show was in Indra Dhanushu. He did 15 serials and became famous in Himabindu. His appearance in TV shows like Stree, Seetapathi, Antharangalu, Anubandham, Mr Brahmanandam and Anveshitha was broadly appreciated.  Acyuta acted with various stars like Pawan Kalyan, Mammootty, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Chiranjeevi and more. He also produced serials with actors Krishna, ANR, Ashok and a lot more. Sadly, he passed away on December 26, 2002 at the age of 41 because of a heart attack. His death came as a shock to many people who knew him. People from the film and TV industry have known Acyuta as a good actor and very polite who made a lot of friends in the industry because of his good character. Another version of this story... He was a Telugu actor who acted in many movies and TV shows. Sadly, he passed away on December 26, 2002 at the age of 42. He died because of a heart attack. He won many awards throughout his career. Achyuth was born and brought up in Machilipatnam. He has four siblings; two younger sisters and two brothers. He has two daughters Sai Sivani and Sai Sujatha and was married to Ramadevi. He has played countless roles with popular acting bigwigs like Mammootty and Chiranjeevi to name a few. He has also played the role of producer in many films. He has played significant roles in TV shows such as Antarangalu and Himabindu. His death came as a shock to many people who knew him as a great man and an even greater actor.   

Achyuth Telugu Actor