Paisa Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Paisa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-07-2016
Genre: Drama, Crime
3 / 5.0



Paisa is the latest drama movie directed by Abdul Majid and deals with crime. It is a thought provoking film which showcases the reality faced by poor people. The actors are all fresh faces, Sree Ram, and Aara, who will be fascinating to watch. The audience has already begun liking them both. There are other actors in prominent roles, like Nassar and Madhu Sudan. The film’s budget was low, but there are a lot of hopes with it which it has lived up to.

Plot: As the name suggests, the film deals with money. The hero, Murugan of Paisa is a rag picker i.e. he rummages through garbage to such for things that can be sold. His counterpart is, Veni and they love each other. She works and procures Rs. 5000 a month in a grocery store. It is also shown that regions are differentiated even among rag pickers, so one can't go and scavenge around in a dustbin in an alternate neighborhood. Murugan lives in a shack that can collapse at any moment, yet he's happy and satisfied.

One day he comes across a large amount of money that belongs to a business person who also has connections with a gang. Now, Murugan starts spending the money on himself, starts wearing new clothes yet hides from his community because he doesn’t have answers. He starts being dishonest. The goons find out about him, and then start blackmailing and threatening him. The story then proceeds to show how Muruga saves his life.

Analysis: The filmmakers of this movie have researched well, so we get to view the lives of these characters, the rag pickers. The message of the movie is that currency is the cause of evil. The direction is awesome, and the actors have performed to their full potential. It is worth a watch.

What's There:

1. There is an excellent message for everybody and shows the reality.

2. The story line is very intriguing and keeps the audience’s attention throughout.

3. The screenplay is amazing.

What's Not There: 

1. It’s not superb, but worth one watch.

Verdict: This movie is fascinating and the hard work done on it is visible so the audience must give it one chance.