Kutraparambarai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Kutraparambarai"
Runtime: TBC
Certificate: TBD
Released: 27-12-2016
Genre: Drama



Here is the PLOT of this movie as far as we could analyze. Keep watching this space for latest updates

Kutraparambarai is an upcoming Tamil movie in the drama genre. It is scheduled to be released in December 2016. It is directed by Bharathiraja, who is also the writer of the movie. The movie is set in the 19th century during the British era. It will deal with the unjustified and harsh treatment the tribal community Kutraparambarai faced during that period. The Britishers have declared the community as criminals and were forced to work under them and were brutally tortured. The movie has already faced many controversies.

The biggest one being Bharathiraja filing a case against Bala for creating a movie on the same content with probably a very similar story and setting. It was later when the court declared its judgment in the favor of Bharathiraja. However, Bala has applied in the High Court, and it is still not clear who is going to make the movie. But yet, Bharathiraja is shooting the movie and has announced the release date. It is interesting to know that Bharathiraja also belongs to the same Kutraparambarai community, and this has deep feelings for the injustice and bloodshed the community has faced.

If to believe some historians, people of the Kutraparambarai tribal cast still suffers heavy tenure and have no option except keeping their mouth shut. The raging controversies have put the magazines and newspapers on fire, and it will be interesting to see the movie on the screen once it is released.

We hope that Bharathiraja can bring the voices of the community to the larger masses with his movie and the violence and tortures against the tribe comes to a halt.