James Victor

Other names of James Victor: JV J.V

JV is a budding singer and music composer in Kollywood movies. He has made his debut with the film ‘ Paisa’ which released recently. In this movie, he composed five song tracks. The music director sang the title song ‘Paisa Paisa’ in this film. When the film was launched he was not sure what the script of the movie would be.

The music composer felt that he was guided well in the industry by other crew members of the movie. Abdul Majith was the director of the movie who also co-produced the movie. The director of photography was by Velmurugan. The film stars Aara, Madhusudhan, Nasser, Raja Simhan, and Sriram. In this movie, there were two duet songs, Mukesh and Hemambika sang the song - ‘Chikku Chikku’ and the other duet ‘Penne Penne’ was sung by Jagadish and Hemambika.

There were two solo tracks which included the song ‘Nenjukulla’ by Yasin and Kanne Kanne’ sung by Hemambika. The song ‘Penne Penne’ was a romantic song which was set in the rural and urban background. The movie has slow pitch and voice maintains the pitch level at the same level throughout. At the moment, the singing of Jagadish and Hemambika moves to upper tone.

It is a teenage love song. Chennai Metro was used to shoot the song, the train is moving while the musical track is heard and the song features a Chennai flyover. NA Muthukumar wrote the lyrics of the song. Music composer JV sang the Paisa promo song, which had a youth flavor. It is a peppy number which the music composer sang with meaningful lyrics written by Ebby Antuva, and Sathiyamoorthy.

The number ‘Chikka Mukku’ was a foot tapping number by Mukesh and Hemambika. The song has mixed artiste choreography and follows a dance in groups of people belonging to different age group of kids to the old generation. The acrobatics depicted in the song goes with the background and even the lyrics pattern which is written by NA Muthukumar. The film was never a disappointing one and neither was the music both in the background and even in the soundtracks.