Plot Kangaroo is yet another story that has brother sister affection This is a thriller kind of story that has Arjuna Varsha Ashwathi Priyanka Ganja Karupp

Kangaroo Movie Review

Kangaroo Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Kangaroo"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 24-04-2015
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

Plot: Kangaroo is yet another story that has brother sister affection. This is a thriller kind of story that has Arjuna, Varsha Ashwathi, Priyanka, Ganja Karuppu, Thambi Ramaiah, R Sundarrajan and Kalabhavan Mani. This film is directed by Sami, who is famous for his previous movies Uyir and Sindhu Samaveli. This director is famous for depicting the illegal relationships; but this time he has changed his path, a little bit.

Kangaroo is a man who is very affectionate to his sister. His sister is Azhagu. Azhagu loves a guy called Mani, who is the fan of Ajith. Azhagu is also a diehard fan of Ajith; thereby, they start to love. But, Mani lost his life as he tumbled down from the hilltop. After a short period, Azhagu is engaged with Karunakaran, who also lost his life through a fire accident. But somehow Kangaroo managed to find a guy suitable for Azhagu and get them married. Ganesan is that guy, who married Azhagu and his life is also targeted by some unknown people. Who is Azhagu and why the people who are in contact with her are being killed is the big question for the viewers while watching the movie.

This film deals with a psychological factor and has many twists and turns. People who watch this movie have some questions, which the director did not explain clearly. The character of Kangaroo looks as it is inspired from Paruthiveeran and Mayandi from En Rasavin Manasile and Ayyanar from Mirugam, where Mirugam is Sami’s own movie. The scene when Kangaroo takes his food is shown to us, it looks like the action by Rajkiran in En Rasavin Manasile.

This film shows the good affection towards the brother sister relation; but it does not impress as Paasa Malar, Mullum Malarum and Kizhakku Seemayilae. Kangaroo is performed by Arjuna, Azhagu by Priyanka and Kangaroo’s lady love by Varsha Ashwathi. The question is why the big star like Kalabhavan Mani is being wasted in this movie? Why the popular actor like Mani accepts to do such kind of roles? The director could have shot the scenes in a better way to attract the minds of the viewers. Kangaroo… can be watched once for the different story.