Plot Yoogan is directed by Kamal G as a horror movie It has Yashmith Sakshi Agarwal Siddhu GRN Pradeep Balaji Shyam Kirthivasan and Tarun Chakravarthy T

Yoogan Movie Review

Yoogan Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Yoogan"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 24-04-2015
Genre: Horror
2 / 5.0

Plot: Yoogan is directed by Kamal G as a horror movie. It has Yashmith, Sakshi Agarwal, Siddhu GRN, Pradeep Balaji, Shyam Kirthivasan and Tarun Chakravarthy.

The story plot is, when the friends are dying continuously, two of the boys in their group, start to believe that it is a ghost attack. But the police deal the case in a different angle and start to investigate it keenly. As this is a horror season in Tamil cinema, there are plenty of horror movies queue up to get released in the theatres. People are also interested to watch the horror movies, without giving importance to the star cast. When Pizza was released, initially, many people did not notice. After the reviews, they start to visit the theaters and make the film a huge hit. Similar to Pizza, Yoogan is a low budget movie that is flavored with horror. There is no such big story in this film. But the cinematography is astonishing like any other horror films. The director had a great idea in placing the cameras in different angles to make the people stun. It is a good technique to make the people keep their eyes on the screen with some sort of fear. What is next is the search of the people in horror movies and the same happens here in Yoogan too.

The negative point in this film is the IT industry is shown very badly. People who are the employees of the IT Company are shown as the daters and the drunkards and they are not shown as working in the office. In total, they are not shown a decent people. The film clearly shows that it is a low budget movie by its visuals. The story is filmed like a TV serial and not as a cinema. The climax is one of the essential parts in a film; but Yoogan fails to attract the people in the climax and it is shot without any excitement.

Yoogan… could be watched, if you just want to pass the time; nothing is interesting in Yoogan.