Plot nbsp Isai shows the new avatar of S J Suryah Yes he has taken the avatar as a music director and succeeds in it Isai is a different genre from Suryah

Isai Movie Review

Isai Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Isai"
Runtime: 3 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-10-2014
3.2 / 5.0

Plot: Isai shows the new avatar of S. J. Suryah. Yes, he has taken the avatar as a music director and succeeds in it. Isai is a different genre from Suryah. This time he has partnered with Sathyaraj to form a different combination. Suryah’s movies are always different from that of others. Almost all his movies have some sentimental touch, though there are few unwanted scenes.

Whatever be the story of the movie, the climax decides the quality of the movie. Here, S. J. Suryah has presented a different climax to the story that is not normal. He tries to keep the audience to be fixed in their seats till the end of the movie. Though Suryah had some negative criticisms for some of his movies in the past, Isai will not let him down.

Sathyaraj has taken the weight role of a music legend, who always have a strong belief that he is the best. He wants to put an end card to the growth of his ex assistant Suryah; but he cannot. Sathyaraj need not be reviewed; as everyone knows that he is a perfect actor. His wits and expressions are always enjoyed by the audiences’ right from his villainy role stage. Similarly Suryah, who is a good actor, once again proved that he knows to perform well before the camera, equal to his job behind the camera. The Climax is well shot and Sathyaraj and Suryah both have done a wonderful job and they really had a great competition in acting at the climax. Kudos to both of them!!!

Savitri, the newcomer does not seem to be the newcomer; she has perfectly done her job, as per the direction of S. J.Suryah. Suryah handles the music, BGM, story, screenplay, dialogues and direction. This new venture will definitely yield him success and this is the film to be watched once.