In this movie old meets the new after the remake of Amitabh Bachchan Don in Telugu by the name of Yugandher After 25 years the movie was remade by Saha Rukh

Billa Movie Review

Billa Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Billa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-12-2007
3.5 / 5.0

In this movie, old meets the new, after the remake of Amitabh Bachchan Don in Telugu by the name of Yugandher. After 25 years, the movie was remade by Saha Rukh Khan and after that, it was made in Tamil which stars Prabhas as the lead character.

Plot: The Motion picture starts with showing that Billa is a don who is on Interpol’s wanted list. Due to this fact, he was currently leading his gang from Malaysia. ACP Krishnamoorthy was searching for him for few years, but as they finally meet Billa ends up dead due to an accident. The ACP uses it as an opportunity to capture Billa’s gang members. So, he secretly buries Billa and uses the duplicate of Billa, Swami Ranga to pose as him in front of the gang members. Swami Ranga who was a common thief of the Vishakhapatnam agrees to do this because the ACP promises that his children will get the best education.

Swami trains with ACP for days before returning to the gang members as Billa. He acts as if he had lost his memories due to the accident and was also be able to collect the information. All goes well until a girl attempt to kill Swami because she thought he was Billa who had murdered her brother and his fiancée. When all was cleared up by the ACP, she also helps them with their mission. After sometime, when Swami gives information about a meeting of Billa’s network to the ACP, Billa’s girlfriend overhears the conversation and challenges Swami for a fight.

During the fight Swami accidently killed her. This followed by a party in which ACP was killed by the Devil, who was none other than Interpol officer Dharmendra. After this the course of event proves Ranga as innocent and Dharmendra as the real culprit behind all this.

Analysis: Prabhas had delivered power-packed performance again both as Billa and Ranga. He has proven himself again the fights scenes filmed on him take the movie to another dimension. And the lead pair of the movie Anushka and Prabhas is remarkable, and their acts were very entertaining, other than this the climax adds up the uniqueness to the movie.

Star Performances: The winning performance was surely delivered by Prabhas as he did justice to both of his characters as Billa and Ranga. But Another person who should be included in this list is Anushka, without her the movie may not become so much entertaining to watch as she proven to be a perfect partner for Prabhas and gave few very funny shots throughout the flick.

What’s there? The best thing about the movie is Prabhas himself. He had executed his role as the Don Billa and as Swami Ranga. The fight scenes were well coordinated and well executed by him. Also, the gun sequence adds up the missing element to it. The scenes filmed up on Prabhas and Anushka were very comical. The director finishes up the movie with right kind of element of surprise.

What’s not there? The performance of ACP wasn’t up to the mark, and it keeps the audience guessing why he is even there. Namita’s performance wasn’t appealing to the viewers. You cannot see Hanshika properly as she had gone before the movie’s story takes proper pace. Also, the first half of the picture was agonizingly slow.

Verdict: Prabhas lovers will as usual enjoy the movie. But if you can tolerate the first half of the movie it will surely reward you with an amazing second half with a marvelous climax.