After giving stellar performances in the movie Madrasapattinam he joins hand with director M. Rajesh who had made his debut with the picture siva Manasula Sakt

Boss Engira Baskaran Movie Review

Boss Engira Baskaran Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Boss Engira Baskaran"
Runtime: 2 Hours 42 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-09-2010
Genre: Comedy
3.5 / 5.0

After giving stellar performances in the movie Madrasapattinam he joins hand with director M. Rajesh who had made his debut with the picture “siva Manasula Sakti” and producer K.S Sreenivasan to bring forth a comedy drama flick Boss Engira Bhaskaran.

Plot: Bhaskaran is a carefree guy who is yet to get his graduation degree however, while he was writing his exams he come face to face with Chandrika. He fell for her instantly but she does not approve him because he was cheating in his exams. Furthermore, he also neglects his carrier that goes on until his brother, who is a successful vet gets married to Nandhini. He comes to know that Chandrika is Nandini’s younger sister and he wishes to marry her. But because he was unemployed no one from family supports her. So he leaves the family and faces many difficulties in order to become successful and worthy suiter for Chandrika.

On the course of these events he was only allied by his friend Nallathambi, who goes to a local don Velpandi in order to borrow some money to open up a tutorial for class x students. But the don make Arya sign a contact which says if his son was unable to pass exam with good marks he will take Nallathambi’s property also he will make him work in his cow shelter. However, at last his son finally starts to learn and also makes other listen during a class of a blind teacher, also passes the exam with good marks which convinces Chandrika and it followed by some uneventful incidents leads to marriage of the two at last.

Analysis: Arya delivers the stellar performance which is enough to look past the almost predictable story line. Also the dialogues which are given are quite apt for the scenes; they are placed in such a way that it gives ease to the viewers. The movie can be seen due to performance of Santhanam who gives comical relief to the audience with his hilarious performance.

Star Performances: The one guy who makes the motion picture almost bearable to watch in spite of having a very predictable story line is Santhanam, if it’s not for his comical behavior the movie wouldn’t have been a good watch. Though, the performances delivered by Arya were also remarkable, at least he didn’t try to experiment with his character this time.

What’s there? The most efforts had been put on the dialogues, so we can say that the movie’s start was good. The motion picture was full of many well planned comical sequences. The director had beautifully balanced this flick with the amazing performance of Arya, combing it with a sweet loving women image of Nayantara and balancing it with comic scenes of Santhanam.

What’s not there? First thing is the story line is quite predictable and it does not give room for any twist. The second thing is climax is not planned well so the ending wasn’t wonderful. Another thing is that there is a song right before the climax which doesn’t makes any sense or adds up to the story line.

Verdict: The motion picture is a good family entertainer. And it is worth watch because of the Santhanam’s performance during the entire 150 minutes.