Plot: Drishyam is a thriller film with Mohanlal as Georgekutty in the lead role as the father of two daughters Anju and Anu. He is a cable TV operator, and his

Drishyam Malayalam Movie Review

Drishyam Malayalam Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Drishyam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 44 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 19-12-2013
Genre: Drama, Family
4 / 5.0



Plot: Drishyam is a thriller film with Mohanlal as Georgekutty in the lead role as the father of two daughters Anju and Anu. He is a cable TV operator, and his only interest is in watching movies. When Anju goes to a nature camp, Varun records a video of her in the bathroom. Anju only informs her mother Rani about it and the two decide to handle the situation alone. However, the two accidently kill Varun and hide the body in a ditch behind the house and then they inform Georgekutty about it. Georgekutty tells them not to talk about it to anyone as he quietly disposes of Varun’s car away from the town. Varun happens to be the son of Inspector Geetha Prabhakar who starts an investigation as soon as she realizes that her son is missing.

What follows is a trail of incidents with Georgekutty trying his level best to get rid of the situation quietly. However, an enemy of his, Sahadevan sees him dispose of the car and tries his best to convince Geetha that her son’s absence has something to do with Georgekutty. Meanwhile, Georgekutty has trained his wife and two daughters about how they should face the police investigations which he knew would certainly take place. As the story goes further, Georgekutty and his family get involved in the case, but somehow they can prove their innocence. He takes his family to a church in the nearby town, for a movie as well as to a restaurant and keeps a bill of each transaction he makes as proof.

Just as Georgekutty is about to confirm his innocence, the police target the younger daughter Anu who in the dilemma of watching her parents tortured reveals to them that Varun’s body is in the backyard. When the police arrive, what they see is horrifying. What follows is the suspense and whether Georgekutty is finally able to come out of the situation or not.

Analysis: The film is written and directed by Jeethu Joseph Jeethu Joseph is a Malayalam film screenwriter and >> Read More... Jeethu Joseph . It has its total concentration on the plot, and it does not deviate. It holds you in the grip and does not lose control. The film is a combination of real and imaginary. While the story is original, you can only imagine the various turns it takes. The story in itself is remarkable. Along with that the atmosphere of tension that is created and maintained is also perfectly done. Even in the direction, it has been beautifully made with each scene done in the best way possible.

The music by Anil Johnson Anil Johnson. One word that is enough to describe >> Read More... Anil Johnson has a very prominent role in creating a situation of stress and anxiety throughout. The cinematography by is appreciable. The final sequence of the film which is the climax departs leaving you stunned and taken aback. It is probably one of the culmination scenes ever. The story is traumatizing, but you cannot forget it. Every scene in the movie seems to be a surprise, and you can never miss it. It also leaves you with the impression of the family that is always by each other’s side and never loses hope. The film’s overall presentation is superb. Each scene, the dialogues as well as the acting is such that it seems very realistic.

Star Performance: Mohanlal has the lead as Georgekutty while Meena makes a comeback as Rani. The two daughters, Anju and Anu, are played by Ansiba and Esther. Other actors in supporting roles are Kalabhavan Shajon Kalabhavan Shajohn is one of the most well-known c >> Read More... Kalabhavan Shajon , who plays Sahadevan and Asha Sarath Asha Sarath, famous for her role in 'Kumkumap >> Read More... Asha Sarath as Geetha Prabhakar. All the actors have done a marvelous job. It seems like no one else could do the roles better than them. Mohanlal as the father satisfies his fans with this very real life role where he plays a middle-class man.

Even Ansiba and Esther stand perfect for the respective parts. Such is the emotion portrayed by the four family members that it seems real. Kalabhavan’s name is sure to mention for he does an outstanding job in every scene as a corrupt officer. One of the scenes that deserve immense appreciation is where Anu comes out of the room runs to her father’s arms after revealing about Varun’s body to the police is something that stays with you. There can be no complaints about acting by any character at all.

What’s there?

1. The film possibly has everything that somebody would want to see.

2. From story, acting, emotion, drama, suspense, and direction, the film gives the viewers everything.

What’s not there?

There is nothing that lacks in the movie.

Verdict: Drishyam is in every sense a power-packed film. It is a thriller in an actual sense as you cannot get it out of your mind very soon. It is a movie that one should certainly not miss.