Neeraj Madhav Malayalam Actor

Do you remember the funny side-kick of Mohanlal from Jeetu Joseph’s brilliant Drishyam (2013)? Yes, it was played by Neeraj Madhav. Today, he is one of the most promising actors. His younger brother Navneeth is also a well-known actor. Before acting, he had started off his career in dance. He is a professional Bharata Natyam artist. So, it was not surprising to see him making into the final round of the first “Super Dancer.” He is an SRM University graduate and an alumni of School of Drama and Fine Arts, Thrissur. Thanks to Drishyam, Neeraj’s comic side is now used in various films. But before, films like Homely Meals Click to look into! >> Read More... Homely Meals and Sapthamashree Thaskaraha (2014) gave him the right experience.

The year 2015 marked a milestone as he had eight releases lined up, Charlie being the most noted one. Jeetu Joseph is one of his closest friends in the industry. He considers him as his mentor and is always looking forward to work with him. After all, Jeetu was the one who gave him his career high! Aged just 25, Neeraj certainly has a long career ahead. With the right film choices and a pinch of determination would prove to be a success story for this curly-haired guy! Neeraj’s next is Oozham, directed by Jeetu Joseph. The film is at its pre-production stage.