Kunchan Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
Kunchan, the versatile actor began acting about five decades ago. He did roles in many films, but they were never stereotypes. This enabled him to maintain his identity which mimicry artistes would find it difficult to imitate. He is evergreen actor, who remains unfaded still. This comedy artiste began his career with stalwarts like , Bahadur, Jaya Bharati and Jose Prakash Jose Prakash was born on April 14, 1925 as K. Baby >> Read More... Jose Prakash and he carved niches for himself too, and by this he could do for his own inimitable style, Many does not know that he is very healthy-conscious that keeps him still fit to do any roles. He was recently seen in Kamal Hassan’s Tamil film too. This actor had begun his career in cinema with a basic pay of Rs 75.
He owes greater respect to yesteryears’ actors and actresses and finds that in those days it was difficult to sustain longer. This versatile and genius performer took a great deal of effort to make one laugh or cry onscreen, and always had looked forward to some more serious performances in his career. Although he had performed even in minor roles, he had done even many character roles too. He has done over 650 films in Malayalam language which is a landmark indeed in his career. His wife Sohba, was a well-known beautician and the couple had two daughters, Swetha and Swathi. He was last seen in ‘’Punjabi House-2’’ that had Dileep, playing the lead role. He was never an over-ambitious person and perhaps this mentality had worked with this actor well. Whatever roles he got, he had acted in them. As a person, he can engage anyone for hours in conversation with simplicity and humility. 
He can make even the dullest person laugh. Perhaps this is one reason why he ruled the Malayalam cinema for nearly forty five years- which is a proof of Kunchan’s unfaded charisma