VK Baiju Malayalam Actor
Other Skills

V.K. Baiju is a well known Malayalam actor in the Malayalam industry. He has acted in several Malayalam serials and films and has got a good place in the industry. V.K. Baiju’s father is Vidyadhar Kurup, who was a social activist in a political party. His native is Malapuram in Kerala. During his young age, V.K. Baiju has done a lot of jobs before his entry to the cinema. He was a painter and also had run Auto rickshaws too. He has also worked as a salesman in a medical shop.

He has developed his talent through stage plays. He is an information technology graduate and was placed in a popular company. He has never felt ashamed in doing all kinds of works. He believes in, No pain and No gain. V.K. Baiju is married and has a daughter. His wife is a beautician and his daughter is doing her graduation.

While doing stage plays, he has done lots of roles. He has acted in Dhrishyam, Memories, Avathaaram, Lokpal, central theatre and Bhaagyadevatha. His latest movies that are going to get released are Dear Friends, Fireman and Ilanjikkavu PO. He is very popular for his Police role. V.K. Baiju is a soft natured person, who does not want to commit in any unnecessary issues and lives peacefully.