Roshan Basheer is the son of renowned actor Kalanthan Basheer.He was born in the year 1990 to this well to do Muslim family.He used to be a child artist in his adolescence age. Roshan completed his degree in ‘BSc Computer Science’ from Cochin's MG University and had planned to go for MBA Degree. Rohan is a vivid reader as well and was spotted more than once in the Jaipur Literary Festival.

Roshan Basheer entered the Mollywood film industry in the year 2010 when he acted in the movie Plus Two. Plus 2 is a 2010 Malayalam film, a product of debutant director Shebi Chavakkad. The story of Plus 2 hang on five teenagers, played by newcomers. As time passes, secrets are revealed, and changing situations force them to be more mature than their age demands.The movie was appreciated both by critics and viewers before the release. However, its actual performance was nothings as its stakeholder’s expected. But for Basheer, this movie was a major stepping stone, as his performance was rewarded with another movie “Tourist Homes”. He played a supporting role in this movie.

However, his performance was critical. One interesting element in this movie was that it has been made using a single shot technique.They have established themselves as the pioneer in using that technology. In the second half of 2013, Roshan Basheer did two movies; Red Wine, produced by AS Gireesh Lal and Drishyam directed by Jeetu Joseph. The later has been a massive hit and was the biggest break of Basheer’s career. He considers it as a milestone in his career, his role being pivotal for the plot as well as for his career development.

Roshan Basheer is supported by his actor father and other related elements. However, it is his acting prowess that will carry him long. The actor is humble enough to understand this.

Praveen Prem  Malayalam Actor

Praveen Prem

Praveen Prem is an Indian Artiste, who predominantly appears in Malayalam movies. Praveen is from the village Maruthoorkadavu, in Trivandrum, Kerala. From a young age, he has been passionate about films and this desire drove him to complete a certification course in Video Editing, from the state institute, Keltron. In the year 2008, he entered into Mollywood as an Assistant Editor, under Mahesh Narayanan. He enhanced his knowledge and experience, by working in several endorsements and short films. He realized that he was more interesting to be in front of the camera, rather than behind it and hence left the job as an editor to pursue acting. After a year, in 2009, Prem became a part of the Soorya Theatre Group and appeared in two noteworthy dramas- Soorya-Pulari and Sookshma Charcha. The theater experience taught him many valuable lessons and made him eligible to shift to the silver screen. In the year 2010, his acting dreams were fulfilled when he was approached by the Director Sathyan Anthikad, to act in the film Kadha Thudarunnu. The movie that had Jayaram and Mamta Mohandas, as the lead, gave Prem the platform to exhibit his acting skills. He got his first vital role in the film Tournament- Play and Replay, in the same year 2010. In this flick, he shared the lead role with Fahadh Faasil and Rupa Manjari. The movie was a super hit and fetched Praveen a good name in the industry. Other roles to his credit are as Balan in Snehaveedu (2011), Unnipilla in Sim (2013), Unni in Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala (2013), Kiran in Crocodile Love Story (2013) and a few more. Praveen’s latest movie in Malayalam is 7th Day, which was released in the year 2014. He played the role of Cyril Samual, in this Prithviraj starring cop movie. The fame he attained in Mollywood landed him in a Tamil movie, Dummy Tappasu that is scheduled to be released in the year 2016. He plays a character named Sree in this flick, which is directed by O. S. Ravi.


Chemban Vinod Jose

Chemban Vinod, who was originally named Vinod Jose, was born in Angamaly in Kerala. He was born to Maliackal Chemban Jose and Annise as their first child. Chemban got his primary education from a school in his birth town. Later he went to get his degree in Physiotherapy from the Institute of Physiotherapy at Kempegowda. After receiving a professional degree, Chemban started his career as a physiotherapist. He married Sunitha, also a physiotherapist in New York in the year 2010. They have a son named John Chris Chemban. Vinod was hardly aware of his acting skills when he began with physiotherapy as a career. He started off with his movie career holding hands with Lijo Jose Pallisery, who introduced him to the world of cinema. He debuted in Nayakan in 2010. Although he tried his level best Vinod’s first film did not give him much fame. His presence as an actor was being felt through a set of movies which got released after that. His acting skill got an entirely new direction for his role in Amen and Sapthamasree Thaskara. He mastered the roles in comedy films marking him as a comedian star in Malayalam movies. He was been cast in Iyobinte Pusthakam for a serious character role. Vinod has practically left his life in the US to establish his career as a successful artist in south Indian movies. After the much-needed break in 2014 he has been doing many renowned roles in Nee-na, Double Barrel, Kohinoor and a lot of other films. Some of his projects include Pavada and Darvinte Parinamam, which is filmed now.  Vinod is working towards making his presence as an actor in India. Though his wife, son and younger siblings are settled in the US, Chamban resides in Karnataka.  Another Version Of This Bio… Jose, born on 13 of September in the year 1976, is an Indian film actor. He did his schooling in Angamaly and did his higher degree study from St. Paul's College, Kalamasserry. He's a physiotherapist by profession. He graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy from Kempegowda Institute of Physiotherapy, Bangalore. His father is Maliackal Chemban Jose and mother is Annise. Jose was born with a younger sister and a brother named Deepa and Ullas. Jose's wife Sunitha is aa physiotherapist, and they have a boy child named John Chris Chemban. Jose is best known for his work in Malayalam films. He made his debut with the crime film 'Nayakan' (2010) by Lijo Jose Pallissery (also his childhood friend) as a police inspector. He got his break in the film industry by the role played in ‘Sapthamasree’ and ‘Amen.’ The story behind his comic characters as a major fame earner was cleared in an interview when he said: “For me, the comedy comes so easy.” He has played some tremendous characters personifying the comedian skills he has. For example in Anchu Sundarikal. Most recently he stole the audience’s hearts playing the role of a pivot narrator role of thief Martin in ‘Sapthamashree’ (2014). His comic timing and powerful dialogue delivery were like the icing on the cake. He has done a handful of movies, but he gained fame only after ‘Sapthamashree’ for his active comedy. Though he does not have six pack abs and has some villainous looks still, his acting skills push back all the other stars behind. He performs his roles with all his wills that even after years it becomes unforgettable. Similarly in his profession as a Physiotherapist, he is kind at heart and most easy-going person. Versatile actors like him make the film industry more and more successful. We may see him again in Lijo’s next gangster comedy, ‘Double Barrel’ where he will be playing a role of a Yankee style rapper. I am sure the audience is looking forward for his killing performances ahead in future. Another version of this bio… Known for his individuality as an actor in the Malayalam film industry, Chemban Jose Vinod was born on the 13th of September to Aniackal Chemban Jose and Annise in Angamaly as their firstborn. He married Sunitha, who is a physiotherapist in New York and has a son John Chris Chemban. He has a degree in physiotherapy. He started out his career in the crime thriller ‘Nayakan’ in 2010. But his popularity arose with a lot of other performance. In the iconic and unforgettable movie ‘Amen’, with Fahadh Fazil and Indrajit Sukumaran in the lead roles, he played the role of Paily and his performance was particularly appreciated. This film, released in 2013 was a commercial success as well as a critically acclaimed work. His other notable performance was seen in ‘Iyobinte Pusthakam’ that released in 2014. This period drama set during the mid 20th century had Fahadh Fazil, Jayasurya and Lal in prominent roles. This movie also received both commercial and critical success which is vouched by the fact that it received innumerable awards at various stages, especially the Kerala State Film Awards.  ‘Sapthamashree Thaskaraha’ also saw him showing his amazing comic timing, and this movie, released in 2014 was an outright commercial success. This multi-starrer had Prithviraj and Asif Ali in two of the many prominent roles.  Some other movies that see Vinod showing off his acting prowess are ‘North 24 Kaadam’,’ City of God’, ‘Ordinary’, ‘5 Sundarikal’,’ Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeeviyanu’, ‘Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi’ and Charlie (there are a lot more to mention). However small his roles are in these movies, one will out rightly notice how the talent to act is all one needs as an actor to stay in the minds of the audience. His movie in 2016 is ‘Pavada’ and the other project titled ‘Darvinte Parinamam’ is still in the filming stage.

Chemban Vinod Jose Malayalam Actor