Clint is the film about the young child virtuoso Edmund Thomas Clint, who short lived just for 6 years. Clint is popular for his drawing capabilities. He has

Clint Movie Review

Clint Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Clint"
Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-08-2017
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Clint Click to look into! >> Read More... Clint ” is the film about the young child virtuoso Edmund Thomas Clint, who short lived just for 6 years. Clint is popular for his drawing capabilities. He has drawn more than 25, 000 paintings in his short span of six years. Clint, who was born in 1976, was named after the Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood. Born to Joseph and Chinnamma Joseph in a Christian family, Clint wanted to paint the Hindu festivals. Clint died due to kidney failure in 1983. At the age of five, he got the first place in a competition for painters under 18. Master Alok Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Master Alok , Rima Kallingal Rima is one of the gifted actors of the industry. >> Read More... Rima Kallingal , Unni Mukundan Born on the 22nd of September, 1987, Unni Mukundan >> Read More... Unni Mukundan , Vinay Forrt Vinay Forrt, the Malayalam actor, was born in 1983 >> Read More... Vinay Forrt , Joy Mathew Joy Mathew has various feathers to his cap; he is >> Read More... Joy Mathew , Salim Kumar Salim Kumar is a person who deserves the title of >> Read More... Salim Kumar , Renji Panicker A firebrand script-writer, actor, director, and pr >> Read More... Renji Panicker , “ K P A C Lalitha K.P.A.C Lalitha is known for her character Mayavat >> Read More... K P A C Lalitha ” and Baby Akshara Kishor are in the star cast. The film scripted by K V Mohankumar & Harikumar and directed by Harikumar. Clint is produced by Gokulam Gopalan Gokulam Gopalan has been named as A.M Gopalan, was >> Read More... Gokulam Gopalan under Sree Gokulam Movies. The music composition is by Maestro “Ilayaraja.” Madhu Ambat Madhu Ambat was born on 6th March 1949 to Prof. K >> Read More... Madhu Ambat cranked the camera.


The film starts as a documentary film where Harikumar chats with Joseph and Chinnamma. After their chat session, the film moves into a cinema mode. The life history of Clint till his last days is shown in the biopic. How he developed his skills and who have all helped him develop his painting and drawing skills are shown in the film. Watch the child prodigy Clint’s biopic in the theaters.

Star Performance

Master Alok played the role of Clint. We could not say that he played but lived. Perfect expressions by Alok make everyone think that he is the real Clint. He has just observed what the director told and delivered what is needed. Alok and Unni Mukundan’s chemistry is stunning and this might be Unni’s career-best performance, so far. Rima has played the role of Chinnamma extraordinarily well. Vinay Forrt plays Unni’s friend and he had also done justice to his role.


Harikumar should be appreciated for making the biopic, so naturally. The film has lesser cinematic insertion and has brought some liveliness in front of our eyes.

What’s There?

  • Performance of the stars is excellent
  • Madhu Ambat has brought good visuals of 80’s
  • Ilayaraja’s music is astounding

What’s Not There?

  • Some dialogues are dramatic
  • Rima and Unni’s make up is bad in their old get up


Unlike the normal parents, Clint’s parents encourage him to paint and draw instead of the academics. Except for a few flaws, the film impresses us a lot. Clint is worth watching, yet heart-wrenching.