Plot nbsp Gul Panag is a happy lady who works in an advertising firm has a charming boyfriend and a neatly sorted out life Few days before her thirtieth birt

Turning 30!!! Movie Review

Turning 30!!! Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Turning 30!!!"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-01-2011
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0



Plot:  Gul Panag A former beauty queen, model and social activist, >> Read More... is a happy lady who works in an advertising firm, has a charming boyfriend and a neatly sorted out life. Few days before her thirtieth birthday, Life takes an unexpected wrong turn. Sidharth Makkar, her boyfriend, breaks up with her and is about to get married to a big shot’s daughter to save his father’s sinking business. Things at her office are no better for her. Gul’s boss is on the verge of firing her and unbefitting colleagues flick all her ideas. Her two friends are her only source of support, standing by her side even though they have many complications in their life. Does Gul Panang celebrate a ‘happy’ birthday? Is she able to sort out the muddle in her life? To know more, watch the film.

Analysis: The film is clearly a retreat from the usual masala entertainment. The movie that has scope for being funny instead chooses to be gloomy. Rather than calling it a film, it should be called a television soup. It is high time filmmakers should stop showcasing strong, independent women like those who have frequent sex and regularly get drunk. I guess the crew forgot that it is a Hindi movie; the dialogues are mostly in English. The way how she sorts her messed up life is quite interesting. The first half is interesting when compared to the second half.

Star Performances: Gul Panag, Purab Kohli Purab Kohli is an Indian model, Video Jockey (VJ) >> Read More... , and Sidharth Makkar have the potential to excel in their acting skills, but the film has no scope for them. The music scored by Sidharth- Suhas duo is hummable, but escapes from our mind once we leave the theater. Santosh Nadal, the editor, has done an impressive job by making the draggy movie quite bearable.

What's There: 

• The director makes the audience easily relate to Gul’s longing to get back her boyfriend. The film is captivating up to an extent.  

• Gul Panag’s acting is the only element in the movie that makes it a bit tolerable.

• Just a bunch of audiences who eagerly start watching a phenomenal woman-centered film with the high expectations which has nothing in it.

What's Not There?

• The film has a great scope of being a funny one or a serious one, but the director has done a film that heads nowhere. Gul Panag bickers, cries, bickers, cries and the same repeats. It starts to annoy us after a point of time.

• The movie is only for a particular group of audiences and does not attract others.

• The screenplay could have been engaging and not so dull and boring.

• The jokes do not entertain and are not quirky.

Verdict:  A usual chick flick with an enthralling first half and a repetitive second half.