Plot nbsp nbsp Anurag Kashyap tells us the story of TejaswiniKholapure a solitary and depressed woman who is also an alcohol addict After a failed marriage

Ugly Movie Review

Ugly Movie Review Hindi
Movie story for the film "Ugly"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 26-12-2014
Genre: Thriller
4 / 5.0

Plot:  Anurag Kashyap tells us the story of TejaswiniKholapure a solitary and depressed woman, who is also an alcohol addict. After a failed marriage with Rahul Bhat, she gets married to police Chief Ronit Roy, who is unemotional and sober. Tejaswini feels cornered and helpless in this second marriage because her husband treats her like a criminal. She has a ten-year-old daughter Anishika Shrivastava from her first marriage that stops her from attempting suicide. As decided by the court, Anishika has to spend each Saturday with her father Rahul Bhat, who is a competing actor. On one such Saturday Rahul goes out to meet an agent regarding his career and takes his daughter along with him. He leaves her in the car and goes inside. To his dismay, when he comes out he finds Anishika missing. Ronit and Rahul start searching for the abductor and on the run, they try to overshadow the other. Tejaswini’sBrotherSiddanthKapoor and her friend SurveenChawla use this opportunity and threaten Tejaswini to give a ransom by making her believe that they were the kidnappers. Finally is Anishika saved? How does the plot unfold? Watch out this dark movie to know more.

Analysis:  Anurag has given a tragic, tormenting movie that will make you sit at the edge of your seat. The film shows us that all human beings are self-centered and ugly. Why does Anurag Kashyap always depict the part of our life which we are ashamed of? The film gets us involved in it and makes us worry about the little girl. The first half invokes sympathy and makes audience curious. The lead characters become busy thinking about themselves rather than searching for the kid in the second half. The movie is excellent, and the climax is good. It stays in our head and keeps bothering for a long time after the film.

Star Performances:  A pat on the shoulder to all the actors in the film. Everyone has acted exceptionally well, though not throughout the movie. Tejaswini has worked well as the depressed, lonely housewife and as the troubled mother whose daughter has been abducted. Ronit Roy is good as the grim police officer but too much of grimness makes the audiences get irritated. Girish Kulkarni as the curious police inspector lightens the gloomy for a bit by asking some entertaining and weird questions.

What's There: • Aarti Bajaj’s editing is just magical and speeds up the film making it more enthralling. • The film’s soundtrack by G.V Prakash Kumar and Brian McOmber suits the mood perfectly and plays a significant role in invoking empathy. The background score that comprises of rock music in crucial scenes will make our stomach churn. • This disturbing, dark film has been beautifully taken by technicians who know their craft very well.

What's Not There: • The number of Characters could have been reduced. After a point of time, we will start to think whether to feel bad for the kidnapped child or to keep mental track of all the characters. • Are human beings this bad? Mr. Kashyap, why do you hate humans? Even the parents of the abducted mother are shown to be selfish in this film. • The characters in the movie turn insipid at times.

Verdict: This ugly film has a beautiful side to it. Do not miss it.