Top 10 Indian Celebs Having Partners From Hollywood

Top 10 Indian Celebs Having Partners From Hollywood Hindi Article

Indian celebs have proved that love has no boundaries. In the industry, many actors and actresses got married to people from not the same industry. Distance never stood between them and could never keep them apart. Here are our top 10 Indian celebs who have partners from Hollywood:

1. Radhika Apte And Benedict Taylor Benedict Taylor is a notable British experimental >> Read More... Benedict Taylor

Both Radhika and her husband Benedict are from the entertainment industry. They married in 2012 but had the official ceremony the year after. They first met when Radhika was in London to learn contemporary dance. Radhika spoke in an interview about her wedding in Northern England with only a bunch of people, where they all partied and had fun. The couple was seen together in the film- Forensic streamed on Zee5.


2. Priyanka Chopra And

Priyanka and Nick started dating in 2017 when they attended Met Gala together. They started talking through a text on Twitter. They got married in 2018. They had both Hindu and Christian weddings. Recently they shared the news of having a baby through a surrogate- Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. The couple keeps appreciating each other through posts on social platforms. They share a loveable bond, respecting each other's traditions and personal lives.

3. And Jennifer Kendal

Shashi Kapoor ruled a million hearts, but Jennifer Kendal ruled over his. It all started in the Royal Opera House, where Shashi took Jennifer backstage for a while, and soon they fell in love. Over the years, they had ups and downs, but their love never got affected. In 1983, the couple found out that Jennifer had colon cancer. Her death in 1984 was the breaking point for Shashi. Her death affected Shashi in such a way that everybody noticed the change in him.


4. Sunny Leone Sunny Leone, a famous porn star, has recently ente >> Read More... Sunny Leone And Daniel Webber

Sunny Leone and Daniel Webber share a warm connection. They got married at a time when they did not have money. Sunny even revealed that they opened the envelopes to pay for the wedding. They had guests less than 50 in number. Despite all the bad times, the couple stands strong together. They adopted a girl- Nisha, and have twin baby brothers- Noah and Asher through surrogacy.


5. Suchitra Pillai And Lars Kjeldsen

Suchitra does not believe in long-distance relationships, which was the reason for her first marriage's failure. In 2000, she met Lars. Coming from the same background, Suchitra and Lars connected on their first meeting. They got introduced by one of their mutuals. The cultural differences never came between them. Both of them respect each other's private space. In 2008, the couple welcomed their first baby girl- Annika.


6. Purbi Joshi And Valentino Fehlmann

Purbi tied the knot with Valentino on December 6, 2014. The couple had a Gujarati and a white wedding with close friends and colleagues. Their love story began when Purbi was in LA searching for an apartment. It was Valentino who fell in love first. After the wedding, the couple got settled in LA. The couple respects each other's cultural differences. In 2008, they welcomed a baby boy- Cayden.


7. Purab Kohli Purab Kohli is an Indian model, Video Jockey (VJ) >> Read More... Purab Kohli And Lucy Payton

Purab Kohli married Lucy Payton married on February 15, 2018. They were live-in partners for a long. They got married in a private ceremony in Goa. Two years ago, they were about to marry in 2016. But the couple soon found out that Lucy was pregnant. They postponed their wedding because of the baby. In 2016, they got blessed with a baby girl- Inaya Amelia.


8. Celina Jeitley And Peter Haag

These love birds met for the first time in Dubai when Celina was out for a store opening of an Indian brand. They had a conversation, and that was the beginning of their dating. In 2010, Peter came to India to meet Celina's parents. They got married after a year of their engagement. The couple was blessed with twin baby brothers in 2012. Five years later, she gave birth to another set of twin brothers, but one died due to heart issues.


9. Lisa Ray And Jason Dehni

Lisa met Jason in her thirties. She was battling cancer. Jason has been supportive and caring since the beginning. One day, the doctor informed her that Lisa had five years to live as she had multiple myeloma. They got married in 2012, and six years later, they welcomed their twin daughters through surrogacy. Her cancer relapsed after a month of their marriage, but she fought harder. The couple shares an adorable relationship and respects each other's personal spaces.

10. Shriya Saran And Andrei Koscheev

In March 2018, Shriya married her Russian boyfriend Andrei. Their wedding was private, with only a few friends and colleagues. After living in Barcelona for a while, the couple relocated to Mumbai in 2021. The couple shares a lovely bond. They respect each other's cultural differences. In January 2021, the couple welcomed a baby girl- Radha.