nbsp Luck by Chance is another movie from Zoya Akhtar who consistently maintains her class in this movie This movie has Farhan Akhtar and Konkana Sen in lea

Luck by Chance Movie Review

Luck by Chance Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Luck by Chance"
Runtime: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 30-01-2009
Genre: Drama
3.75 / 5.0


Luck by Chance is another movie from Zoya Akhtar who consistently maintains her class in this movie. This movie has Farhan Akhtar and Konkana Sen in lead roles.


Vikram (Farhan Akhtar) a wannabe actor come to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood and as his friends have connections there. He also befriends his friend’s neighbour Sona (Konkana Sen Sharma). They grow close to each other. Konkana too tries her hand at movies to make it big one day but at present she has to suffice for small roles. Vikram gets a lucky shot and gets noticed for his performance and attracts the young actress Nikki ( Isha Sharvani) who finds him fit for the role of male lead in her upcoming movie. Vikram too acts shrewd and somehow convinces the director and the family of Nikki to cast him in her upcoming movie. Vikram satisfied that his efforts have finally paid off starts showing off airy attitude and also becomes a darling to Nikki who tries to seduce him, Vikram also gives in to temptation and they strike up an affair, News goes out and people start talking about it. Unaware of this Sona come to meet Vikram but is warned by an insider what actually Vikram has become. Not paying heed to this Sona walks up to Vikram and soon realizes the truth that Vikram instead is changed man and has a full-fledged affair with his co-star. She leaves him and messes with Nikki too which results in a strain in their affair. Nevertheless the scheduled movie releases and is an instant hit. Vikram gets catapulted into stardom but is advised by his long time idol Shah Rukh Khan that stardom is a curse and he must not lose his close friends for it. Feeling guilty Virkam rushes back to Sona and apologizes but Sona walks away from him saying he never needed her and now has only come out of greed and lust. Sona too after continuous struggles gets an acting job in daily soaps and gets interviewed in which she says that she has faith in herself and is quite happy even after not becoming a great star.


Zoya Akhta is known for producing classics. Luck By Chance is another bonanza out of her hat which takes you by storm and brings you face to face with the reality of Bollywood and how scandals are born amidst struggles and sweats. The movie is interspersed with brilliant screenplay, cinematography and brilliant performances from Farhan, Konkana and fruitful cameos from big actors like Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan who push movie to a nice conclusion.


Farhan Akhtar is known for his versatility may it be singing or dancing but definitely here is the acting which lifts the movie. And how can I forget Konkana Sen Sharma who brilliantly portrays a struggling actress role and at times overshadows Farhan Akhtar?


  • Brilliant cinematography and screenplay which meets with the actual standards of Indian Cinema.
  • Clever use of big actors for nice cameos.
  • Lead pair does not disappoint and carries on the movie flawlessly.
  • A meaningful conclusion which feels somewhat satisfying.


  • Supporting actors do not perform up to expectations.
  • Movie drifts from the main concept momentarily.


This movie is perfect for weekends, make sure to grab a popcorn to watch the real deal behind LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!