Lucky Kabootar is a comedy outing and has Eijaz Khan in lead roles PLOT Lucky a typical Punjabi boy who sells tractors for a living dreams of marrying anothe

Lucky Kabootar Movie Review

Lucky Kabootar Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Lucky Kabootar"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-04-2014
Genre: Romance, Comedy
1.25 / 5.0

Lucky Kabootar Click to look into! >> Read More... is a comedy outing and has Eijaz Khan Eijaz Khan, who is an Indian film cum television a >> Read More... in lead roles.


Lucky a typical Punjabi boy who sells tractors for a living dreams of marrying another girl even after he is already married to an unsophisticated  and kind-hearted simple girl. Lucky leaves no stone unturned to win her over. The quest to the dream girl lands him in lots of trouble and Pandemonium emerges which engulfs all the cast present in this movie.


I don’t know why I am even analyzing this movie. A pathetic attempt at comedy and romance which has no head or tail, Lucky Kabootar is unlucky to have come into existence. Moreover what annoys the most is that jokes are substandard and not at all humorous. Most of the jokes are either copied or are bad enough. Aijaz Khan who has done numerous daily soaps succumbs to a poor script here, although he tries to cope up with the substandard script which lowers the energy of the movie more. This movie should have been based upon something to have a review to be written but instead it is a blank space which has voids so depressing you get too get depressed. Sanjay Mishra Sanjay Mishra is an Indian comedian, most famous f >> Read More... is a useless addition to this movie with reference to his comic timing.


None in particular perform gracefully to be even called good performers leave alone star performers. Sanjay Mishra delivers a somewhat satisfying performance but that too goes down the line once you get to know that he has been forcefully roped in to do the role of a comic Baba who has nothing but adult jokes to crack.

  • Comic timing of Sanjay Mishra is somewhere watchable in this pathetic attempt at comedy.


  • Adult jokes annoy you rather than making you laugh out loud.
  • Poor performances from the lead cast.
  • Gap between the scenes are not filled properly and an added attempt to infuse humor adds fury to the viewer’s mind.


Please (and this come straight from the heart) avoid this movie. This movie is wrong on so many levels that you might want to bang your head in the wall. Awkward substandard joke form the core of this lifeless comedy; to to top it over the movie has the worst screenplay. A purely avoidable movie.