Plot Dev Kaushal is having a disheartened existence both professionally and in his normal life. He takes the photos of other men's spouses for his own plea

Blackmail Movie Review

Blackmail Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Blackmail"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 06-04-2018
Genre: Drama, Comedy
3.5 / 5.0




Dev Kaushal is having a disheartened existence both professionally and in his normal life. He takes the photos of other men's spouses for his own pleasure and fulfillment. Another day to amaze his wife, he arrives before the actual arranged time from office with roses. He finds Reena in bed with another man named Ranjit "Tommy" Arora. He imagines killing that person but then controls himself. Knowing everything Dev extorts Reena and Ranjit to give him a whole of 1 Lakh.

Reena asks Dev for cash, lying to him about his father’s treatment. Reena keeps the cash in a dustbin, Ranjit gathers it at that point puts the cash on a dustbin while Dev gathers it. The cash goes all around. To know who is doing this, Ranjit contracts a Detective, Chawla. Prabha blackmails Dev for more cash. Dev chooses to meet Prabha where Prabha dies by an accident.

Next morning, police arrive and cross-examine everybody in the workplace. Anand knew that the previous evening Dev has met Prabha. He extorts Dev that he will reveal to Police that he killed Prabha. On cross-examination, Dev uncovers that Anand used to like Prabha. Dev requests Anand to not tell the police regarding the previous evening. For the cash, Anand stays calm. Dev by one means or another masterminds the paper pack he utilized the previous evening and conceals it in Anand's Car.

Dolly discovers Ranjit and Reena together and chooses to kill him. Anand leaves Police care and attempts to beat Dev. Dev quiets Anand some way or another. Dev meets Chawla who gets some information about his coercing. Dolly attempts to murder Ranjit, and in that battle, Ranjit shoots Dolly. He hides Dolly in a refrigerator. Dev approaches Ranjit for cash so he can give it to Chawla. Thus, Ranjit approaches Reena for cash. Reena approaches Dev for cash, by telling a lie that it's for her dad's activity.

Reena came to know Ranjit was coercing her and erases his contact. In the meantime, Dolly's folks came to realize that Ranjit killed their little girl and held him up a room and calls police. Reena messages Dev but a discouraged Dev gets the message and erases Reena's Contact. Next morning Boss DK came to know all his limited time strategies for his Toilet paper has bombed wretchedly and some different organizations have assumed control over him.

Star Performance

The film casts one of the most renowned actors of our industry, Irfaan Khan whose performance is always worth praising in every film.


Abhinay Deo Abhinay Deo is an Indian commercial director who l >> Read More... Abhinay Deo is a known director of our industry who has made movies like Delhi Belly Click to look into! >> Read More... Delhi Belly and his movies are always humorous and full of suspense. Blackmail is his another successful script.

What’s there?

1. The sound elements and technical department has done a good job.

2. A team of the talented and hardworking star cast. 

What’s not there?

The story script could be strong and more impactful.


A film based on suspense, disloyalty, and disbelief. It’s a great picture to watch.