The film is about as the name suggests revenge While your sub-conscious is linking the word lsquo revenge rsquo with unbelievable action sequences let me

Badlapur Movie Review

Badlapur Movie Review Hindi
Movie story for the film "Badlapur"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 20-02-2015
Genre: Drama, Thriller
3 / 5.0

The film is about, as the name suggests, revenge. While your sub-conscious is linking the word ‘revenge’ with unbelievable action sequences, let me stop you right there. It’s nothing like that. In fact, it’s sophisticatedly better than that. It’s a constant struggle between the reasons to survive holding hands with revenge and the invisible need of redemption through forgiveness. A film stitched together with the extract of anguishing pain and a needful amount of entertainment. Don’t miss it for the world.

PLOT: Varun Dhawan plays ‘Raghav’, a man who looses his wife and kids during a post-bank robbery scuffle. The robbers, Laik and Harman break into a random car with the looted money after the heist. ‘Misha’, Raghav’s wife, is forced into her car with her 7-year-old kid, at Laik’s gunpoint. The cops chase Laik and Harman. While driving the car, Laik tries to control the nagging protests by Misha and her kid. He pushes the kid, and the unlocked door smacks open, which throws the child out on the road. Furious mother starts pounding at Laik, and he pulls the trigger. To him, it was all a “collateral damage”. This chain of events gives birth to a mega rivalry between Laik and Raghav later in the film. Cops catch Laik without the looted money. He is questioned and reasonably beaten by Inspector Govind repeatedly. Laik never utters a word about the money and never rats his friend Harman out. Instead, he plays the victim and deludes them. He gives the Inspector enough answers to set him on a shadow chase, but not enough to close the case.

On the other hand, Raghav finds himself bearing the excruciating pain of the memories from the past, spent with his wife and their child. The emptiness seems eating Raghav alive. He distances himself from his family and friends. A slow transformation sets in, in his characteristics. Under control, yet he begins to act like a man with a plan. His eyes seem to have a slight touch of a devil. Laik, the killer of two innocent lives, has an equivalent persona of a kid who breaks a toy and forgets about it. He seems to enjoy his time even in prison. The acting is so convincing that the character gets you worked up. You tend to think that he is indeed the God’s ultimate error. Heartless. Ruthless. A man with past full of sins and living on without remorse. How could he? But on a totally different level, he keeps us entertained. Raghav, isolating himself, decides to take things in his own hands. Love finally shape shifts into revenge. He does everything in his power to hurt Laik morally. He beds with Laik’s love interest, Jhimli, a prostitute. Just to spite Laik. Fifteen years pass by them, with Laik in the prison of his ill doings and Raghav in a prison of his own.

With the strange turn of events, Raghav ends up releasing his rival Laik, out of the life imprisonment sentence. But at what cost? What does Raghav have in mind to make peace with his past? And after 15 years, who all are in line to become the “collateral damage”? - Watch BADLAPUR today and find out.

ANALYSIS: Details have been taken seriously, and clichés have been avoided. The film does not waste time with irrelevant confrontations between characters. Instead of dialogues, actions are used to demonstrate feelings. Editing is flawless. Each time a shot cuts back and forth in time, you learn how important small things are in life. The best cinematography is the one, which goes unnoticed. Anil Mehta, the D.O.P, have got it right. The pans are very smooth and wise use of point of view shots creates unforeseen mystery all that is camouflaged by the story. While everything looks fine, there was still some room left to perfect. The direction was good but not great. The dialogues seemed to have both foot in reality and none in the poetic world that is, lack of dramatic sense. The absence of dramatic finishing of few important dialogues was felt. Could have gone a step further. I feel it’s not too much to ask for.

PERFORMANCE: The student of the year wants us to take him seriously when it comes to acting. Many awed his performance. His transformation from a mellow extrovert to a lethal devil is something that attracts attention to the film. The character ‘Laik’, a cunning, intelligent, persistent crook, have been brought to life by none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Only a true actor can convince you that he did not commit the murder that you just witnessed committing by him. You actually won't believe him even if the truth is staring right at you. Jhimli, played by Huma Qureshi, had less screen time, but she used it effectively. Misha, played by Yami Gautam, was the catalyst to everything going about in the film. Her performance as the innocent wife is what actually allows our souls to relate with ‘Raghav’s’ revengeful self. Apart from this revolutionary cast, Radhika Apte, Divya Dutt and Vinayak Pathak (Harman), also, contribute a wholesome amount of experience and quality to the film. ‘Inspector Govind’ played by Kumud Mishra, with his short but important role, managed well to attain the fugacious attention of the audience.

PROS: The cast stands tall overpowering the screenplay. Sly performance by Nawazuddin Siddiqui steals the show. A meaningful struggle with an appropriate unpredicted ending ties a knot on the amazing time that the film offers you with.

CONS: Dialogues could have been better. Style of music is not something unheard-of ever before, b succeeds to please us.

VERDICT:  Badlapur, as the name deludes, is not only about revenge, it’s also predominantly about ‘BADLAV’ – Change. As life doesn’t give you second chances, don’t miss yours. Don’t think, you have a movie to watch. And don’t let that rage get the better of you.