One aspect of significance is that Zack Snyder the director of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice has made us to witness the lives of the two heroes in the sa

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review English
Review for the film " Superman Vs Batman"
Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 25-03-2016
3.75 / 5.0

One aspect of significance is that Zack Snyder, the director of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, has made us to witness the lives of the two heroes in the same film. Well, let’s see how the movie has turned out to be.


Bruce Wayne aka Batman (played by Ben Affleck) sees his parents being killed before his eyes, and he is hell bent on avenging the wrong-doer.

There is also the story of Superman (played by Henry Cavill) who wages a battle against the attacking Kryptonian multitudes of Gen.Zod. In fact, the Metropolis has been destroyed.

While the significant scenes have been shown in flashback, the current scenario of the movie is 18 months after the raid had taken place. The world is yet to get accustomed to the apparently never-ending presence of Superman. There is no iota of doubt that Superman’s actions are gallant, and he has a humanitarian side, but Bruce Wayne feels him to be a threat to humanity just like many others. In fact, Bruce Wayne has witnessed several people being changed to fiends. 

There is also the plot of Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg), a jittery rich man, and he is upset that he is not able to have power over the world. Luthor develops a monster called Doomsday (which seems to have more power than Batman and Superman) to wipe out Metropolis. And well, do Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) stop Luthor from causing further damages? Watch the movie to find out.


The admired Man Of Steel was depicted with a grim touch way back in 2013 through the film Man of Steel. The present film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice also has its dark side. Having said that, the movie sometimes seems to be confused in defining what a real hero means.

Star Performances

The acting more or less compensates for the poor script. Ben Affleck slips into the role of Batman with aplomb. For those who were worried whether he would compensate for the missing of Christian Bale (of Batman Trilogy), the good news is that Affleck has done a fantastic job. Henry Cavill has done an earnest job. The character of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, is by far the most powerful ones in the film, and she leaves no stone unturned in doing justice to her brief character. She has a fighting spirit in her, and her energy in the movie is infectious. One would surely feel that her role could have been extended, after watching the movie. Jesse Eisenberg has understood the nuances of his character well and does a near-perfect job as the scheming villain.

What’s there?

  • The cinematography of Larry Fong is par excellence.
  • Editing of David Brenner gives the proper cuts to simplify the confusions in the movie.
  • The brief flashbacks are astutely executed. 
  • The combat between Batman and Superman is executed in an awesome manner. 
  • Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer music is one of the highlights of the movie.
  • The movie also has some worthy moments, despite some flaws.
  • The movie is straight-forward enough in depicting the repercussions of Superman’s actions. 
  • The action scenes are commendable.
  • CGI is up to the mark. 
  • The movie provides the viewers with a better insight as to why Batman dislikes Superman. 

What’s not there?

  • Though the movie seems to be promising initially, it lacks luster in the later half. 
  • Director Zack Synder could have expressed what he wanted to convey in a clear manner. 
  • There is minimal humor in the movie. 
  • The dialogues could have been better. 
  • There is a dearth of logic in some places.
  • The fight scenes that are quite grave may not be liked by some people. 


At least, we can see the Superman, the Batman, and Wonder Woman in the same film. And not to miss the superb acting of Ben Affleck and Gel Gadot.