Abigail Kuklis had her childhood knit in a small firm in Pennsylvania. Her beautiful face is probably a result of the fresh fruits and vegetables - the perfectly balanced diet from her farm. They even sold honey from their beehives. But the girl from the farms could not stay there forever - she was influenced by the style, glamour and glitz of New York. Her mom took her to New York, and she just made the statement in her mind that she had to go there. She has a keen power of observation - according to her she loves being in places out of her comfort zones, she learns a lot by observing the characteristics of people and their body languages and all other non-verbal cues.

She began her acting career in Los Angeles and it was her sheer will-power and determination that helped her to grow as a professional model in New York. And as a result of her dedication, she has now gained international acclaim. Her filmography includes Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, etc.

Alma Martinez English Actress

Alma Martinez

Alma Martinez took birth on March 18, 1953, in Mexico. She obtained her B.A from Whittier College, M.F.A from the University of Southern California and P.H.D from Stanford University. Her official website is www.almamartinez.com. She nurtured herself at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art, The Centro Universitario de Teatro and The National University of Mexico. She earned herself a place in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences in 2013. She redefined acting with her roles in The Bridge, Tales of Passion And Revolution and her performances on Broadway and Mexican and European stages. She made her debut in the classic film Zoot Suit and subsequently had her part in Barbarosa, Under Fire, In the Summer House, etc. She has appeared in over twenty feature films including Born In East L.A, Strike One, Cake, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. In fact, she has been part of over 100 productions in U.S.A, Mexico and Europe like the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, the Joyce Theatre, Mark Toper Forum, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Pasadena Playhouse, Arizona Theatre Company, etc. Her television stints comprise of the Bridge and Corridos: Tales of Passion and Revolution. El Teatro Campesino founder Luis Valdez discovered her, and they had almost a thirty-year partnership. In her words-“I came into my own as an actor when I joined Luis Valdez’s El Teatro Campesino in 1978. Working with this company- and then performing with Luis a year later in Zoot Suit-showed me that actors can change hearts and minds, actors can move mountains. We did this every night for a year, Being an actor is an incredible privilege but working with Luis showed me that we, as actors, also have an incredible responsibility towards our audiences”. She was given a nomination for the best-supporting actress for Just Like Us, Broadway World Award and has even booked commercials for Subway, old Navy and Disney.


Heather Fairbanks

Heather Fairbanks is an English Actor born in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She took Communication at the Brigham Young University and was awarded a Talent Scholarship for Theatre/Communication in 1991. After which, she went to study abroad in Japan in the field of Political Science and Asian Studies in 1993 and got the chance to perform with Tokyo International Player(actor) as an English Language Tutor. She also went on to study at the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 1995 and passed with High Distinction GPA and was awarded the Undergraduate Excellence Award, Dean’s List. She is a multi-talented personality who is also an HR Professional. Being an Actor, she has worked in Theatre i.e. stage shows like Peter Pan as Wendy, Othello as Desdemona, Les Liasons Dangerousess as Mme Tourvel, Richard III as Lady Anne and A Mid Summer’s Night Dream as Puck. She was also a reoccurring face for ten episodes in the Fist Season of the AMC Studio’s TV show Low Winter Sun in 2013 as an Office Assistant.After this, she went on to do films and commercials. In the year 2013, she was seen in the film “Christmas Grace” and before that as Mary in a supporting role in a short film “White as Snow”. In 2014, she did minor roles in films like Parts per Billion, The Route, Mind Blind, etc. and received her first lead in a short film “Blood of Soldiers”. 2015 proved to be a good year for her, as she did a few supporting roles in films like Then Cry onto me, The Parricidal Effect, Lifestone Velocity, etc.; and also bagged the Lead in “Thaw of the Dead” and “A Horse called Bear”. She also did commercials for Baker College in the same year. She also did a Print Ad as a Mom for Onstar/Blue Sky Photography, Inc. in 2013. In 2014, she was nominated for the Best Lead Actress for “Blood of Soldiers” by 30 Days Action Film Challenge for the role of “Heather”. In 2016, she will be seen as a Lead in the films “Descend” and “Who will move the Stone.” Apart from being an actress, she is a Human Resource Professional. She has worked as an Intern of Human Resource for Ferndale Career Centre in 1996, as a staffing consultant/interviewer for EAI Healthcare Staffing in 1997-1998, as a Design Consultant for Ethan Allen in 1998-99 and as a Human Resource Professional for W.W. Grainger in 1999. She was a specialist in Training, Management, Talent Management, Interviews, Leadership Development, etc. It was after being such a talented HR Professional that she moved onto the acting career. Other than being an HR Professional and an Actor, she has interests in Photography, Interior Design, Travel, Music, etc. She is also the representative of Production Plus- The Talent Shop in Bingham Farms, Michigan, United States.  

Heather Fairbanks English Actress