Zack Snyder To Join Henry Cavill For Superman Movie!

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Zack Snyder To Join Henry Cavill For Superman Movie!

Zack Snyder Zachary Edward Snyder is also known as Zack was bo >> Read More... Zack Snyder , the Hollywood director and actor Henry Cavill Henry Cavill, a Britisher, was born in Jersey on 5 >> Read More... Henry Cavill had expressed their wish to work in a Solo Superman movie.

They both said that they want to do the sequel to “Man of Steel”, which released in 2013. Charles Rovens, the producer of the superhero movies says that they had considered doing the film, but not immediately. As the Warner Brothers plan other comics, this might happen later, said Charles.

Snyder said that if he gets a good script, he would be doing a standalone Superman film. Henry was also expecting the announcement from the producers about the sequel.

Although the sequel to the Superman movie is not clear, "Justice League Part One" will hit the screens on November 17, 2017.