Alma Martinez took birth on March 18, 1953, in Mexico. She obtained her B.A from Whittier College, M.F.A from the University of Southern California and P.H.D from Stanford University. Her official website is She nurtured herself at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art, The Centro Universitario de Teatro and The National University of Mexico. She earned herself a place in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences in 2013. She redefined acting with her roles in The Bridge, Tales of Passion And Revolution and her performances on Broadway and Mexican and European stages. She made her debut in the classic film Zoot Suit and subsequently had her part in Barbarosa, Under Fire, In the Summer House, etc. She has appeared in over twenty feature films including Born In East L.A, Strike One, Cake, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. In fact, she has been part of over 100 productions in U.S.A, Mexico and Europe like the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, the Joyce Theatre, Mark Toper Forum, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Pasadena Playhouse, Arizona Theatre Company, etc.

Her television stints comprise of the Bridge and Corridos: Tales of Passion and Revolution. El Teatro Campesino founder Luis Valdez discovered her, and they had almost a thirty-year partnership. In her words-“I came into my own as an actor when I joined Luis Valdez’s El Teatro Campesino in 1978. Working with this company- and then performing with Luis a year later in Zoot Suit-showed me that actors can change hearts and minds, actors can move mountains. We did this every night for a year, Being an actor is an incredible privilege but working with Luis showed me that we, as actors, also have an incredible responsibility towards our audiences”. She was given a nomination for the best-supporting actress for Just Like Us, Broadway World Award and has even booked commercials for Subway, old Navy and Disney.

Christina Wren English Actress

Christina Wren

Most famously known for her roles in films like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel, the Lebanese descent actress was born in New Jersey, United States. She had a tough childhood, being raised by her relatives as her parents were quite busy in their profession. She was quite a sensation in school with both her marks and personality. She was once a part of the “Most Talented “category in her high school alongside her good friend Joshua Reese. A gifted student: she had a B.A in education and also had a sneak peek towards fashion designing (she is related with Tea on Tuesdays). She used to date a whole lot of guys and would make a final list of the super cool ones. But finally she did settle with Demetrius Wren, her present husband, whom she met after her graduation and they do seem to be a perfect match together. She has a medium height, being just above 5 feet and looks good in basically everything. Her entry into Warner Brothers is quite fascinating too. In fact, one of her previous commercials impressed the director Zack Synder, and she was asked for an audition by the Warner Bros Studios for a small project which she was not at all sure-would be Batman vs. Superman. Being an avid DC Comics fan, she was over the moon with her new project. Till now for her good job, she has won the best thriller supporting actress for L.A.Macabre(2013) and had a nomination for the Best Thriller Cast. She is also known by her nickname Tina and her filmography includes Major Farris in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Racing To the Altar, Discount Fitness(TV Series), Lusa(TV Series),L.A.Macabre(TV Series),Half Sisters(TV Series),Ingress Obsessed(TV Series),Sequestered(TV Series), America: A Love Song(TV Mini-Series),Moon And Sun, Allo , Man of Steel, Bandit, Static Short Blackout, Coffeeshop Philosophers, Wrong Turn, Retreat etc. She is, in fact, a bit of a writer too-het first shot was for Saudade and other cameos include Lusa, Half-Sisters, America(A Love Song), etc.